If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, you already know something rather big went down last week. In fact, with all the outrage going on, chances are you’re aware something happened even if you’re not a fan. With this weekend’s season finale on the way, that shocking turn of events has led us to revisit our much-loved Game of Brands feature, in which we re-imagined the Great Houses of Westeros as modern-day corporations. (In case you hadn’t guessed, if you’re trying to stay spoiler-free, this is a post you’ll want to steer clear of.)

While House Frey isn’t one of the “Great” houses (and many would now argue it’s quite far from great), its actions last week have had a major impact on the world of Game of Thrones, earning it a slightly tongue-in-cheek place in our contemporary re-branding of the show. With that said, allow us to introduce the newest business to Game of Brands, the meticulous event planners of Frey Celebrations.

Frey Celebrations

If there’s one thing Walder Frey knows, it’s how to plan a party where every detail is thought through — and if he promises surprises for the guests, you can bet he’ll deliver. With a company motto that reads, “We understand the importance of vows,” Frey Celebrations is your go-to source for planning an event where everything happens exactly as you want it to. As long as you don’t go back on your promises, that is. (Let’s just say you’re better off not disputing the bill.) Also, in case you missed the fine print, this company recently became one of the many holdings of the mighty Lannister Investment Group.

If you haven’t already checked out the original Game of Brands post, head on over now to discover the rest of our corporate creations, including Air Targaryen, Stark Outfitters, Baratheon Security, and more. And keep the ideas coming for the houses we haven’t covered yet!

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