With more than 30 million images and 1 million footage clips in our collection, we see our contributors’ work pop up in myriad scenarios all over the world.

Just recently, Shutterstock assets have been used everywhere from Anchorman 2 and Thor: The Dark World promotions to national magazine covers and print campaigns.

To offer an idea of the diverse places you might spot some of these images and clips, we thought it would be fun to present a few recent examples of high-profile uses.

It isn’t hard to spot this giant explosion in the international promo for The Wolverine, above.

Nuclear bomb explosion by ykol

The latest season of The Walking Dead includes this ominous clip from footage contributor Cactii in the opening credits.

Silhouette of a large, bird-filled tree by Cactii

Why take X-rays and MRIs of your cast when you can get great ones from our collection? See if you can spot the images below in the trailer for the new Robocop film.

Brain Scan

Top Image: X-ray by PinkBlue; Bottom image: MRI scan by Donna Beeler

The Economist frequently uses Shutterstock images to create the composite scenes you’ll find on its covers. Here are two recent examples, along with photos that made the final cut.

Residential House in Minneapolis

Passenger Airplane Landing

Our images have been downloaded over 350 million times, so of course we’re not even scratching the surface here. Shutterstock is all around you, often where you least expect it.

Have you spotted Shutterstock images anywhere out in the world? Let us know about your discoveries in the comments!