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Expressing Gratitude: 4 Free Thanksgiving Card Templates

Download four FREE Thanksgiving Card Templates and customize your own Thanksgiving card to express gratitude towards those you love.

Now that your jack-o-lanterns have been cast aside (or eaten by the neighborhood squirrels), it’s time to think about baking a pumpkin pie and roasting a turkey for your Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving feast.

The theme of Thanksgiving is in the name – to give thanks. Even with a slightly weirder Thanksgiving than usual this year, you can still keep the essence of Thanksgiving alive! Express your gratitude towards your loved ones with these FREE Thanksgiving Card Templates.

What’s Inside This Free Thanksgiving Card Templates Pack

In this free Thanksgiving Card Templates Pack there are four different card designs, each with four different sizes suitable for a Facebook Post, Instagram Post, Instagram Story, and Twitter. Each card is decorated with Thanksgiving-themed illustrations — from a cute turkey to a festive pumpkin to colorful autumn leaves.

Thanksgiving Card Templates

With each design and size, we provide three types of files: with text, without text (blank), and transparent. The designs with text are ready to upload without any further modification.

Using the blank template, you can create your own greeting either directly through any social media app (like Instagram Story) or with Shutterstock Editor.

The transparent version only contains the illustration, with no background or text. This file version is available for those who want more freedom for customization, such as choosing your own background color and customizing your own layout. You can do this easily using Shutterstock Editor, as well as editing software like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

File Versions of Cards
There are three types of files for each design and size—text, blank, and transparent.

You can also change the colors of each element of the illustration with the .eps file using Adobe Illustrator. For businesses, you can change them to match your brand colors or other promotional images. You’re totally free to change all the colors to your favorites or experiment with some fun color palettes! Check out Free Seasonal Color Palettes for color inspiration.

How to Download the Free Thanksgiving Card Templates Pack

Downloading these four free Thanksgiving card templates couldn’t be easier! Just click on the button below to start your download. Then, double-click the ZIP file to unpackage its contents and access each template with the dimensions and type you’re looking for.

Download Free Thanksgiving Card Templates

By downloading this free Thanksgiving Card Templates pack, you agree not to resell or redistribute these assets.

How to Customize Your Card’s Greeting with Shutterstock Editor

Open Shutterstock Editor. Start with a blank canvas and choose the Canvas Size suitable to your needs.

Shutterstock Editor
Open Shutterstock Editor.

Click on the My Content (M) tool, then choose Upload an image. Upload the blank version of the card.

Upload Card
Upload the blank version of your favorite card.

Next click on the Text (A) tool to add your greeting. You can either choose from the pre-made templates or make your own layouts.

If you don’t want to use the template, simply drag Add headline to the design.

Add Text
Add your text.

Then, write your greetings and choose the font that you like.

Choose Font
Choose your font.

For a more harmonious design, change the text color to match the design.

Tip: You can also use the eyedropper tool to choose one of the colors in the design.

Download Design
Download your design.

Now, hit the red Download button at the top-right and there you have it, your customized Thanksgiving Day card!

How to Make Your Own Card with Shutterstock Editor

To get even more creative, not only can you write your own greetings, you can also change the background color and the position of the illustration. Here’s how.

First, choose the Canvas Size, then Upload the transparent version of the design with the Upload an image button in My Content (M).

Upload Transparent File
Upload the transparent file.

Drag the image to the canvas and place it in the position that you desire.

Choose Background
Choose your background.

To choose the background color, double-click on the white circle next to Artboard Opacity.

Try on some different background colors using the Presets or Custom color slider until you find the background color you like. Or, simply use the eyedropper tool to choose from one of the colors in the design.

Tip: Don’t pick a color that’s too similar to the outer part of the design. In this case, avoid using the color of the paper or the envelope in the design.

Artboard Opacity
If you can’t find the “Artboard Opacity” under the Background section on the right side of Shutterstock Editor, click on the transparent illustration and make it smaller than the Artboard. Then the “Artboard Opacity” will appear!

Now you can adjust the layout of the illustration. Play around by resizing and rotating, or move it to your desired position. Once you’re satisfied, begin adding your greetings with the Text (A) tool. You can make your own layout or choose from the available templates. Simply drag the template you like to the Artboard.

Drag Template
Drag your template.

Double-click on the text to add your own Thanksgiving greetings.

Add Text
Add your own text.

Then adjust the text colors. To make sure it’s easy to read, choose a color that stands out against the background of the text.

Adjust Text Colors
Adjust your text colors.

Now you have a personalized Thanksgiving Card!

Thanksgiving Card
Voila! Your final product.

Simply Download it, then Upload it to your social media. Easy-peasy pumpkin squeezy!

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