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50+ Free Cooking Sound Effects for Food Videos

50+ Free Cooking Sound Effects for Food Videos

This free SFX pack is filled with all types of cooking, cleaning, and utensil sounds you might hear inside a kitchen. Use them in food and recipe videos.

Whether you’re making a how-to cooking video, television show, or just need some background foley for a cooking/kitchen scene, these sound effects will give you the added production value you need. Stopping production to record specific sound effects can slow down your shoot, bypass this frustration with this all-encompassing kitchen sound effect pack. The pack includes chopping, sizzling, boiling, blending, and various other utensil foley you might not think to include.

Download 50+ Cooking and Kitchen Sound Effects Now

Click the button below to download the cooking sound effects. In the download you’ll find everything you need to get started. These elements are free to use in any personal or commercial project. By downloading, you agree not to resell or redistribute these free assets.


These effects work in any non-linear editing software you might be using. The effects themselves can be tweaked to fit whatever speed you’re chopping, grilling, or playing with utensils. So, just tweak the clip however you’d like, speed it up, slow it down—these are meant to cover the basis and blend into the background of your scene.

50+ Free Cooking Sound Effects for Food Videos — FREE Pack of Cooking and Kitchen SFX Sounds

Like any sound effect, when left alone they can often sound a little rough. So it’s best to throw in music underneath, or room tone, or ambient sounds of the kitchen. The pack is filled with a tracks that can play the part of background noise, whether its washing dishes, boiling water, or just the sound of food on the grill. Never be afraid to throw in as many sounds as you can to fill up the spaces.

If you’re interested in how to record sound effects from your very own home, our own Anthony Najera recently created a tutorial for what you need, how to approach the sounds, and how to edit them once you’ve recorded everything. Fun tip, you really only need your phone to grab quality audio for some sound effects you might have missed on the day of shooting.

Shutterstock Sound Effects Library

These are just a handful of free sound effects we’re offering. For thousands more, you can visit the Shutterstock Sound Effects library. This is the first Metaverse-ready SFX library, as the tracks are presented in stereo, 5.1, and ambisonic formats. These immersive tracks can be used in a variety of projects from VR, game streaming, game development, immersive films, ads, documentaries, and more.


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