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Jumpstart your next presentation with these fully customizable free PowerPoint templates, based on professional and on-trend designs.

These completely custom-made and totally customizable PowerPoint templates are available as a free download. Try the first template’s theme that uses organic shapes and distressed texture for an artistic but sleek look. Or opt for the second template’s bolder style, using clean and powerful lines for a minimal and focused presentation.

FREE Powerpoint Templates for Professional Presentations — Organic or Bold Minimalist
FREE Powerpoint Templates for Professional Presentations. Pick from Organic Shapes or Bold Minimalism.

Whether you’re designing your first PowerPoint ever, or you’re looking for an easy solution to your millionth presentation, these two free templates will speed up your workflow and get you some design cred. You can check out our tips for making a really attractive PowerPoint presentation, but if you’re in a bind these templates are all you need.

Each PowerPoint template comes with plenty of layouts, shapes, elements, images, and fonts for you to create your own presentations with the artwork. The designs are custom-made — you won’t find them in PowerPoint itself, but they’re still editable in the program.

Let’s dig in to see what you get in this free download, and how to can use the templates to create your own personalized presentations.

These assets are free to use in any personal or commercial projects. By downloading, you agree not to redistribute them.

Free Organic Style PowerPoint Template

FREE Powerpoint Templates for Professional Presentations — Organic Branding Template
Images via Shift Drive 1, 2, and 3; and Chatham172

This template follows recent trends in startup branding. We call it “organic” because of its natural color palette, naturally free-hand shaped corner elements, and textured accents that lend a handmade look. The fonts are modern and easy to read, helping you create text blocks that stand out on the screen, in a good way.

FREE Powerpoint Templates for Professional Presentations — Trendy and Modern
Strategically placed paper backgrounds give the layouts depth and texture.

The last page contains a collection of accents based on our free linocut shapes pack. These are pre-colored and cropped for ease of use, so you can place them anywhere in your presentation where you need a little extra character. Mixing the flat accents with the textured ones in your slides will vary the style of your PowerPoint and keep your audience visually engaged.

FREE Powerpoint Templates for Professional Presentations — Textured Accents
Extra textured accents.

Free Bold Minimalism PowerPoint Template

FREE Powerpoint Templates for Professional Presentations — Bold Minimalism Template
Image via Greens and Blues.

Here’s one for the power-brokers who need to set a clean, calm, and collected — but never boring — tone in their presentations. In contrast to the Organic Shapes template, this one is all business . . . well-designed business.

FREE Powerpoint Templates for Professional Presentations — Minimalist Details
You can use diagonal rules and type to break the flat plane without losing the minimalism vibe. Copy and paste these elements elsewhere and use your data to fill in the details.

No one will mistake this minimalist look as generic. It’s all style and balance. The color palette is bold but unadorned, featuring neutral grays, whites, and navy, plus a few upscale greens to liven things up. The angular shapes can be used to frame text boxes and photos, drawing attention to the important messages of your presentation. With a few just-right photos to set the vibe for your own images, you’ll get your point across and might hear a few accolades on your design skills afterward.

FREE Powerpoint Templates for Professional Presentations — Adding Photos to the Template
Adding photos is a great idea. Just follow the general vibe and they’ll look great in the templates.

You can copy the lines, shapes, and triangle elements sprinkled throughout the template layouts, and paste them to extra slides to make your own variations on the theme.

Using and Customizing Your Free PowerPoint Templates

Once you’ve downloaded the free pack, open the ZIP file on your computer. You can open either one of the .potx files in the downloaded folder to begin with. They will open as PowerPoint presentation files, but to save them as templates that you can customize anytime, go to File > Save as Template.

FREE Powerpoint Templates for Professional Presentations — Customizing Templates
The files will open as PowerPoint presentation files.

To open these templates next time around, open PowerPoint and go to File > New From Template. In the window that opens, go to New on the left sidebar menu, and choose Personal at the top of the window. This will show the templates you’ve saved. Choose one, and you’re ready to go without worrying about saving over the original.

FREE Powerpoint Templates for Professional Presentations — Choose Your Master Template
When you’re ready to come back to the templates you can work on a new version without over-writing the original.

You can use these straight-up or borrow the elements for a creative base on which to build your own master template.

FREE Powerpoint Templates for Professional Presentations — Extra Design Elements to Copy and Paste
Customize your slides easily by copying and pasting the extra elements provided.

You wouldn’t want to solely rely on PowerPoint’s built-in graphics for “wow” factor. However, you can employ its functions, like graphs, and use the free template elements to augment them. That’s how you’ll get the most out of these templates.

FREE Powerpoint Templates for Professional Presentations — Textures and Graphics
Augment your custom designs with some of PowerPoint’s built-in features.

If you’re eager to go down the customization rabbit hole, we have a ton of free downloads for you to check out, like this mega-post of free textures, with paper backgrounds and linocut icons too. Download them for free, then drag and drop, resize, and position, by using these guides. Be sure to poke around here too and learn more about designing for PowerPoint presentations.

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