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Social media apps are a great way to promote your business, blog, or portfolio. Elevate your profile page with this free pack of highlight cover elements.

With social media being so imperative to the online user experience, it’s crucial to keep on top of ways to take your social profiles to the next level. Instagram has continued to bring forth updates to the application over the years with archives, videos, and now highlights.

Highlights consist of a group of stories that can be viewed on a profile underneath the account’s description. These groups of stories are saved under the highlight cover so that users can view the stories at any given time. Whether you’re a blogger, a business, or an influencer, all accounts can benefit from using Instagram highlight covers.

Free Instagram Pack: 145 Highlight Cover Backgrounds, Type, and Icons — Shutterstock on Instagram
Image via Shutterstock’s Instagram.

Oftentimes, it can be difficult to find highlight elements that work for your Instagram account. Either you have to create one yourself, or you have to peruse through countless websites to find a set of cohesive highlight icons or text. To help elevate your Instagram profile in no time, we’ve created a custom collection of icons, backgrounds, and typography specifically for highlight covers. Scroll down to preview a small sample of the icons offered, then read on to learn how to assemble your own highlight cover and how to upload them directly to Instagram.

What’s All Included in This Free Instagram Highlight Pack

This free Instagram highlight pack features 145 total elements that you can use for any social media application. In the download, you’ll receive access to twenty-one colored backgrounds, five hand-drawn script files, and twenty-six vector and raster icons. The typography and icons both come included with four color variations: black, white, cream, and gold.

Free Instagram Pack: 145 Highlight Cover Backgrounds, Type, and Icons — Free Highlight Pack
A sample of the icons included in the download.

Each file in the Instagram highlight pack is set up for easy assembling; all you need to do is place the PNG files into any design software, such as Shutterstock Editor, or manipulate the vector EPS files in Adobe Illustrator. Read on to learn how to make the most of the versatile backgrounds, icons, and type.

How to Download The Free Highlight Pack

Downloading this free Instagram highlight pack is simple. Just click on the button below for direction to your download. This highlight download initiates a ZIP file download; double-click the ZIP file to unpackage its contents and you’ll see the files in its respective folders.


By downloading this free Instagram Highlight Pack, you agree not to resell or redistribute these assets.

How to Create a Highlight Cover from the Download

Once you’ve downloaded the freebie, you can now assemble the backgrounds, icons, and typography to create your own highlight covers. This can be done in any design or editing application; all you need to do is import the files and arrange as needed. Our free Shutterstock Editor program makes the assembling process simple and straightforward.

Free Instagram Pack: 145 Highlight Cover Backgrounds, Type, and Icons — Create a Cover

Open up the Editor program and set your canvas size to 1080 by 1920 pixels. Head to the My Content (M) button on the left side of the program and click Upload an Image. Start off by importing a color background from the download pack. The imported background will automatically fit to the canvas.

Free Instagram Pack: 145 Highlight Cover Backgrounds, Type, and Icons — Upload Image

Next, import an icon or a hand drawn font from its respective folders using the same technique as above. There’s no need to worry about borders or backgrounds in the typography or icon files; each file is saved as a PNG to ensure transparency. Use the blue circles to resize the file and the Alignment menu to organize the imported element.

Free Instagram Pack: 145 Highlight Cover Backgrounds, Type, and Icons — Downloading

Once you’re finished assembling the highlight cover design, hit the red Download button at the top of the program and set the File Format to JPG and the Resolution to 72 DPI. Click on Download once again to initiate the download. You can also save your design to Google Drive or Dropbox for easy access.

How to Upload Highlight Covers to Instagram

Now that you’ve created your own Instagram highlight cover, let’s add them to your Instagram profile. Before doing so, make sure your cover designs are saved to your phone. You can send them to yourself via email or via Airdrop, if using a Mac. Open up the Instagram home page, then swipe right to add a photo to your story. Choose from your Camera Roll and add the cover design.

Free Instagram Pack: 145 Highlight Cover Backgrounds, Type, and Icons — Uploading to Instagram

Once you’ve added the highlight cover image, hit Send To > Close Friends. Sharing to close friends means you’ll only share your cover design to a select few instead of all of your followers. Access your stories from the home page or your profile and select Highlight at the bottom of the story image. Set a name for your highlight cover; the name for your highlight cover can be as simple as “Photo” or as detailed as “My Photo Journey.” Hit Add to see your highlight cover on your profile page.

Free Instagram Pack: 145 Highlight Cover Backgrounds, Type, and Icons — Add to Highlights

You can then add more images to the highlight cover by importing the photo to your Instagram stories, then holding down your profile icon and selecting the cover you’d like to add to. If you’d like to edit the highlight, head to your profile page and click on the highlight cover. Select More at the bottom of the screen and then hit Edit Highlight. From here, you can rearrange the cover image, rename the highlight, or even add other photos to the highlight from your Instagram archives.

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Mockup image via alexialex. Phone mockup via Premiumvectors. Instagram images via MSNTY, OWN23, Mike McDonald, createvil, Abiyu Irfan, and Reidl.

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