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Design Inspiration: FREE 24 Illustrated Plants Pack

Design Inspiration: FREE Pack of 24 Illustrated Plant Icons

Plants have become a major motif in the creative realm. Download this illustrated plant pack to inject some nature into your designs.

The creative world can’t get enough of plants. Whether it’s those trendy Monstera leaves or desert-loving cacti, plants have become commonplace in illustration designs all over. Plant motifs have also found themselves scattered across brand and web designs, whether it’s on a header image or incorporated into a brand’s overall appearance. 

In addition to being a trendy focal point or backdrop, plants are also very versatile. They can live in practically any type of illustration whether it’s plant-themed or not. Incorporate them into header graphics, social media posts, or even DIY sticker designs. The options are truly endless.

What’s Included in This Free Illustrated Plants Pack

This free Plants Illustration pack features five hand-drawn elements in four color schemes that can be used for multiple applications, from personal backgrounds to social media elements. In the download, you’ll receive access to four backgrounds and twenty total illustrations.

Design Inspiration: FREE 24 Illustrated Plants Pack — Retro Color Palette
Free Plant Illustrations in a Retro Color Palette

The illustrations are available as an EPS and PNG, while the backgrounds are available as a JPG file. All you need to do is place the PNG files into any design software, such as Shutterstock Editor, or manipulate the vector EPS files in Adobe Illustrator.

How to Download The Free Plants Pack

Downloading this free Hand-Drawn Plants pack is simple. Just click on the button below for direction to your download. Then, double-click the ZIP file to unpackage its contents and you’ll see the illustrations and backgrounds in their respective folders.

Download the illustrated plants pack.

By downloading this free Illustrated Plants Pack, you agree not to resell or redistribute these assets.

Add Character to Digital Graphics

Incorporating hand-drawn illustrations is a great way to bring in hints of personality and character to any composition. Custom graphics and illustrations often increase engagement by introducing a more playful approach to imagery. 

In this tutorial, we’ll create a plant-themed graphic for a social media post. Start off by creating an Illustrator document around 600 by 600 pixels, or any size that fits the needs of your composition. Download the Plant Illustration pack, then open the EPS files in Illustrator.

If you don’t have access to Adobe Illustrator, this tutorial can also be accomplished in our free Shutterstock Editor program

Design Inspiration: FREE 24 Illustrated Plants Pack — Custom Graphics
Customize Graphics in Illustrator or Editor

Copy (Command + C) and paste (Command + V) the illustrations over to your new document and arrange them as needed in the artboard. Use the Align menu to align and distribute the illustrations.

Create a square shape to use as the background color, then send it behind the illustrations with Shift + Command + [. Utilize the Color and Swatches panels to bring in color to your composition. 

Design Inspiration: FREE 24 Illustrated Plants Pack — Character Panel
Using Character Panel in Illustrator

Now, let’s add in a title and copy. If advertising a sale, event, or other important information, it’s crucial to have supporting details that explain the content of your design. 

Bring up the Character panel and draw out a text box with the Type Tool (T). Search through the font library to find a typeface that works with your composition. To contrast the whimsical nature of the plant illustrations, I opted for a geometric sans serif called Montserrat. Type out the remaining details of your event, then align the text box to the center of the artboard. 

Design Inspiration: FREE 24 Illustrated Plants Pack — Type Tool
Find a Font for Your Design

Once you’ve finished designing your graphic, export the composition by heading up to File > Export > Export As and saving as a JPEG file. Your design is now ready to be uploaded online or even printed out.

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