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In this FREEBIE roundup, take a look at some of the recent “home-inspired” sound effects packs we’ve put out in the past few months.

If you’re editing any type of home-based video/documentary/series/tutorial, you know how important having good sound effects is. These sounds build out the environments you’re looking at and, more often than not, production hasn’t exactly gifted you with the best room tone or foley from the day. Let’s take a look at a few packs that will come in handy when you’re flying through your next edit—trying to stay under budget while meeting deadlines.

50+ FREE Cooking Sound Effects

For this first pack, there’s just about every sound you could need for a cooking video or tutorial. Whether you’re grilling something, chopping something, or working with utensils, there are sounds in here for everything.

Download the pack here.

15+ FREE Cleaning and Household Sound Effects

If you’re editing a scene that takes place in a house, nothing adds production value and depth to your footage like throwing in cleaning sounds in the background. This pack has all the sounds of a home, whether it’s dogs barking, air condition burring, or the sound of a sink running.

Download the pack here.

15 FREE Garden and Backyard Sound Effects

I love using this pack. Sometimes I’ll just throw in one of these sounds very, very lightly in the background of a scene that’s taking place inside a house, and it makes all the difference. There’s a lot to pick through—garage doors opening, lawnmowers, leaf blowers, and the soft sounds of digging in your garden—any backyard sounds you might need are in here.

Download the pack here.

Now, if you know eventually you’ll be working on a project that’s a little different than household, yard work, and cooking sounds, we’ve released a couple other packs that’ll be perfect for your next video.

25 FREE Unique Vintage Sound Effects

This pack is perfect for any scratch, analog, or retro-sounding effect or sequence you might need for a horror, sci-fi, or dystopian-esque project. While that might sound specific, these can also work as the foley you might need when you least expect it—like someone putting a record on or turning on an old tape recorder in a period piece.

Download the pack here.

10 FREE Christmas-Inspired Sound Effects

Included in this pack are your standard Christmas sounds, whether that’s the sound of jingle bells, family chatter for background fill, or even a Ho-Ho-Ho from Santa. This is a great pack to have on deck once the weather changes in the fall and your clients start looking for holiday content.

Download the pack here.

If you want to go completely independent and create your own sound effects, learning how to foley is your first step. We published this video a few years back, but the info is still as relevant as ever. You don’t need fancy equipment to record your own foley!

And, if you don’t want to record anything, this video comes with over forty miscellaneous sound effects for you to download!

Cover image via Room98.

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