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Free Happy Mother's Day Cards – Printable and Digital Images

Download Free Mother’s Day Cards Templates to Celebrate Mom!

Download five FREE Mother’s Day card templates and customize your own design to share online and in-person.

May has arrived, and that means Mother’s Day is right around the corner. To help everyone celebrate, we’ve created a few customizable Happy Mother’s Day card templates that will make any mom feel loved and cherished. These free downloadable templates are super easy to use, and we’ve included both digital and printable versions of the designs, all of which are a breeze to customize in the editing software of your choice.

These ready-to-publish digital templates are conveniently pre-sized for popular social sites so you can share the greatness of your mom with friends and followers. The foldable print templates are also pre-sized, designed with home printers in mind.

Remember, you can use these designs however you want as long as you don’t resell or redistribute them, so show off that creativity your mom’s always bragging about.

What’s Included in This Free Mother’s Day Card Pack

This free Happy Mother’s Day Card Pack features five designs, each lovingly created with care to help you spread cheer.

Free Happy Mother's Day Cards –Printable and Digital Images — Template Preview
A preview of the templates available in this pack.

The digital files are available as JPEG and EPS. The print templates are available in two sizes — 5 x 7 in. and 4 x 6 in. — as PDF and EPS.

Just place the JPEG files into an editing software like Shutterstock Editor to add your own loving thoughts, or perhaps personalize the card, and then easily export the design to use on social or to print. If you want to get more advanced, you can manipulate the vector EPS files in Adobe Illustrator by changing the layout, color, effects, typography, and more to make it truly your own.

Running out of time? We’re giving away more free Mother’s Day images that don’t require any customization. Simply download and share!

How to Download the Free Mother’s Day Card Pack

Downloading this freebie is simple — just click on the button below. Then, double-click the ZIP file to unpackage its contents. You’ll see a Digital folder containing the assets for Facebook posts, Twitter posts, and Instagram posts and stories. You’ll also find the Print folder that holds the assets for printing.

The download also includes a license PDF that covers the ways this free pack can be used, plus a coupon that gives you 15% off Shutterstock images and footage.


By downloading this free Mother’s Day Card Pack, you agree not to resell or redistribute these assets.

How to Print Your Cards

If you want to share these Mother’s Day cards in person, we conveniently formatted them so that you can easily print them from your home printer. We recommend you use a thicker ply paper like card stock, so that your card has a bit of weight. You’ll also need some color ink on hand (though these cards could look great in black and white as well!).

Free Happy Mother's Day Cards –Printable and Digital Images — Tips for Printing
Saving your custom design for print is simple.

When you open the PDF, you’ll see all of the templates in the same file. When you choose the template you want to print, hit Command + P (Mac) or Control + P (Windows). This will open the Print command box, where you can set the specifications of your print job. Make sure to set the print range to include only the page with the template you want or you’ll end up printing the whole set (and using up a lot of ink).

Some of the card templates are formatted to be easily cut and folded. These templates feature two designs on either side. All you have to do is print the card and fold over the center line. Alternatively, a few of the templates are meant for a single-page spread. You can print these on one sheet and trim off the excess for a small card.

Upload to Social Media Platforms

Inside your free pack, you’ll find all of the social media-ready templates in the Digital folder. We’ve already sized each card for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram — on your grid or in a story. Just upload your favorite template to one of these channels and post it!

You can also customize the blank, no-text templates for a more personal greeting. If you’re posting on Instagram Stories, you can add text and other fun elements directly in the app using the text tool, stickers, and more! If you want something personalized for Twitter and Instagram, edit the templates in your favorite design software or keep reading to find how to customize them for free using Shutterstock Editor.

Free Happy Mother's Day Cards –Printable and Digital Images — Uploading to Social Media
Upload these Mother’s Day designs directly to your favorite social media platform. Mockup via OliaGraphics. Images via kikovic.

Customize Your Own Card in Shutterstock Editor

In Shutterstock Editor, it only take a few minutes to customize your Happy Mother’s Day card in ways that will inspire absolute joy in your mom’s heart. First, upload your template with the My Content (M) tab on the toolbar.

Free Happy Mother's Day Cards –Printable and Digital Images — Customizing in Shutterstock Editor
Free and easy, Editor makes DIY design a breeze with your preselected templates.

Next, add a thoughtful message to your card with the Text (A) tool.

Free Happy Mother's Day Cards –Printable and Digital Images — Text Tool
Editor’s Text Tool gives you plenty of font selection for your custom message.

Pick a cute typeface, add color, and adjust size as needed. Your mom will be amazed by your talents and likely reminded of all the times you wrote on walls with permanent markers as a child. Gosh, you were so small back then!

Free Happy Mother's Day Cards –Printable and Digital Images — Custom Mother's Day Card
Easily download your card for print or online sharing.

For digital cards, click on the red Download button and save as a JPEG at 72 DPI. When you’re done customizing a print card, save it at 300dpi.

More Free Mother’s Day Images

Running out of time to customize? We have even more free Mother’s Day images that you can download and share directly with Mom. We hand-selected these images to give away for free because they feature charming designs, full of flowers, hearts, beautiful hand lettering, and sweet sentiments.

Free Mother's Day images
One of 21 free Mother’s Day images you can download for free.

Just visit our collection of 21 free Mother’s Day images to pick your favorite and download cost free. You can share these designs anywhere, but if you’re looking for a quick way to celebrate, post it to social media and shout out all the Moms you want to recognize!

Either way, congratulations — your mother is going to love it. Now go give her a call. She wants to hear your voice.

Learn more about designing the perfect card with FREE design elements here:

Cover image via Maria_lh.

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