With Halloween right around the corner, it’s time to get started on spooky designs. Get inspired with these eighteen free Halloween fonts.

Typography is an important element to any design, especially in Halloween-themed designs. A simple change in font can make all the difference in the world on how viewers perceive your design. Think of all of your favorite horror movies and what they often have in common: a custom typeface that personifies the movie you’re about to see. Whether that font is ooey-gooey or sharp and sinister, the font itself says a lot about the movie. The same goes for any other project — typography is key.

While arriving at the perfect font for your next project seems like an investment, every font listed is free for both personal and commercial use. Simply click on the link above the font graphic to reach the download destination. When in doubt, always refer to the licensing information set forth by the typographer.

1. Avara

Based from a square grid, this typeface designed by Raphaël Bastide evokes a rugged and mysterious tone with its geometry and lack of curves. Adorn this ominous typeface to a Halloween-inspired social graphic or promote your latest spooky-themed virtual event with the help of Avara as your headline. For accompanying typefaces, opt for a geometric sans serif for the ultimate contrast.

Download the Avara font on Font Squirrel here.

Add a subtle yet chilling vibe to your next project with this typeface. Image via Mimadeo.

2. Averia Libre

Designed by Dan Sayers, Averia Libre is based off of the average of over 700 fonts on Google Fonts. Its rounded and organic appearance is not outright Halloween-themed, but resembles a typeface you might find within an old, dust-filled book in a spooky study.

Download the Averia Libre font from Google Fonts here.

Capture the essence of a spooky library with Averia Libre. Image via zef art.

3. Bearpaw

Named for its resemblance to the claw scratches of a bear, Bearpaw adds a hand scrawled flair to any project. Incorporate effects and layer this typeface over a unique background to take this mysterious font to the next level.

Download the Bearpaw font from Font Squirrel here.

Incorporate a scratched and scrawled effect with this typeface. Image via nnattalli.

4. Butcherman

There’s nothing more skin-crawling than a dark figure that lurks in the distance, ready to pounce. Butcherman’s condensed and hacked appearance visualizes the terror of seeing your worst nightmare.

Download the Butcherman font from Google Fonts here.

Personify your worst nightmare with Butcherman’s eery appearance. Image via Kseniya Ivashkevich.

5. Creepster

Creepster’s fright-filled letterforms and its ooey-gooey effect makes it the perfect headline for any Halloween movie poster or graphic. Contrast this display typeface with a simple serif for a spooky juxtaposition.

Download the Creepster font from Google Fonts here.

Use Creepster to capture the essence of your next Halloween project. Image via IgorZh.

6. Eater

Inspired by the dark spread of a rare disease, Eater’s spiked letterforms give the typeface a chilling vibe that’s sure to keep you up at night. Utilize Eater in your next virtual movie night promotion to get attendees sitting on the edge of their seat.

Download the Eater font from Google Fonts here.

Eater’s chilling vibes adds to the frightfulness of any design. Image via miasynetska.

7. Edo

Designed by Vic Fieger, Edo gives off a subtle yet grungy vibe with its textured strokes. While not explicitly Halloween-themed, this font resembles painted letters in post-apocalyptic cinemas.

Download the Edo font from Font Squirrel here.

Textured strokes lend a post-apocalyptic tone to a headline. Image via FOXARTBOX.

8. Ghoulish Fright

Nothing gives quite the fright like a spooky phrase in this typeface. Ghoulish Fright’s irregularities make it the perfect go-to for your next Halloween graphic.

Download the Ghoulish Fright font from Dafont here.

This typeface’s irregularities makes it ideal for any spooky phrase. Image via Chan2545.

9. Hallowed Grounds

Hallowed Grounds, designed by Jason Ferry, evokes a chilling tone reminiscent of American Horror Story’s type treatment. The ultra condensed letterforms and double crossbars contribute to that mysterious feeling that you can’t quite shake.

Download the Hallowed Grounds font from Dafont here.

Evoke a chilling tone with Hallowed Grounds as your title treatment. Image via balounm.

10. Henny Penny

While Henny Penny’s bouncy and curved letterforms give off personality, it’s appearance feels eerily similar to type that you might find in the Nightmare Before Christmas movie. Contrast Henny Penny’s quirky letterforms with a more polished sans-serif font to achieve a balanced pair.

Download the Henny Penny font from Google Fonts here.

Henny’s Penny’s quirky letterforms incorporates a different take on Halloween. Image via Sudipta Mandal.

11. Leander

Give your Halloween-inspired designs a spooky, literary twist with this typeface. Leander’s textured letterforms and classic serif style gives off a cryptic vibe that’s sure to make an effect on others.

Download the Leander font from Font Squirrel here.

Leander’s literary style feels cryptic and secretive. Image via Stephanie Frey.

12. Metal Mania

For any Halloween design that requires a Metallica influence, Metal Mania is an excellent go-to. This typeface’s classic all caps style and subtle textures serves as the perfect headline for your design.

Download the Metal Mania font from Google Fonts here.

Add a Metallica-inspired vibe to your Halloween design with this typeface. Image via Regina Foster.

13. Needleteeth

Designed by Chad Savage of Sinister Fonts, Needleteeth evokes an eerie tone with its sharp, teeth-like serifs and its condensed appearance. Use this display font as a headline or title treatment in your next Halloween project.

Download the Needleteeth font from Dafont here.

Needleteeth’s needle sharp serifs makes it the perfect Halloween font. Image via herryfaizal.

14. Shlop

It’s always ideal to have an ooey-gooey typeface in your Halloween font library. Named in reference to dripping concoctions, Shlop adds the perfect level of sliminess to your designs.

Download the Shlop font from Dafont here.

Incorporate ooey gooey goodness to your project with Shlop. Image via Africa Studio.

15. Smythe

Designed by Vernon Adams, Smythe features a semi-condensed style with sharp-edged serifs. While subtle, this typeface’s knifelike appearance lends a mysterious hand.

Download the Smythe font from Google Fonts here.

Smythe’s sharp-edged serifs give it a mysterious tone. Image via IndigoLT.

16. Special Elite

Designed by Astigmatic, Special Elite features a vintage typewriter style. Its rugged letterforms allude to all things dark and secretive.

Download the Special Elite font from Font Squirrel here.

Evoke a dark and secretive tone with Special Elite. Image via MyImages – Micha.

17. Trade Winds

Trade Winds adds a breezy flair to any design with its subtly textured and angled letterforms. Use this gusty typeface as an eye-catching heading to your next design.

Download the Trade Winds font from Font Squirrel here.

Trade Winds’s breezy flair adds a subtle hint of horror. Image via Natasha Sergeeva.

18. Zombie

What’s Halloween without a return of the dead? This typeface, aptly named Zombie, features rugged textures in an all caps style. Due to its display characteristics, reserve this typeface for headlines, title treatments, or important copy details.

Download the Zombie font from Dafont here.

Evoke a return of the dead with this rugged typeface. Image via Romolo Tavani.

Cover image via Hayk_Shalunts.

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