Every graphic designer needs to have a set of versatile patterns in their toolkit. Download this pack of eight free seamless geometric patterns that designers can use in a variety of applications.

Patterns are graphics that are derived from a group of shapes, illustrations, lines, or textures. These patterns can be digital, photographic, or even hand-drawn. Because patterns can take on a vast range of styles and appearances, they all evoke a different tone. Organic patterns bring forth a hint of fluidity to a composition, while geometric patterns can be more rigid and textural.

In graphic design, patterns are used in endless compositions, ranging from product packaging to branding elements to poster designs. They help to bring forth character while contributing to a specific brand personality. The options are endless; use patterns to accentuate a simple digital or print design, or go crazy with them and use them as the foundation of your brand.

To help supplement your designs, we’ve created a unique collection of eight seamless geometric patterns. Scroll down to get a peek at this pattern freebie, then read on to learn how to make the most of them in your next project.

What’s All Included in This Free Pattern Pack

This free pattern pack features eight unique seamless patterns that can be used for a variety of applications, from packaging details to accent backgrounds. In the download, you’ll receive access to eight vector EPS files, eight raster JPEG files, and an AI swatch that contains the hues used in each pattern along with each pattern converted to an individual swatch.

Graphic Design Essentials: 8 Free Seamless Geometric Patterns — Free Pattern Pack

Simply place the JPEG files into any design or editing software, or manipulate the vector EPS files in Adobe Illustrator. Read further to learn how to make the most of these versatile geometric patterns.

How to Download Eight Free Geometric Patterns

Downloading these free geometric patterns is straightforward. Just click on the button below for direction to your pattern download. This download initiates a ZIP file download; double-click the ZIP file to unpackage its contents and you’ll see the pattern files in its respective folders.

Download 8 Free Geometric Patterns

By downloading this free Geometric Pattern pack, you agree not to resell or redistribute these assets.

Use as a Background or Accent In Your Designs

The beauty of these geometric patterns is their seamless nature; each graphic can be tiled next to one another without distinct borders or separations. So, no matter what you’re using these graphics for, they will work in any application.

These geometric patterns can be applied to backgrounds, shapes, and text. The sky’s the limit for patterns; incorporate them into virtually any project such as invitations, business cards, product packaging, social media backgrounds, and more.

There are many ways to apply the patterns as a background in your designs: using the AI pattern swatch or by tiling the pattern itself in any design or editing program.

Using the AI Swatch File

An AI swatch file consists of a specific collection of all swatches within a given document; in this instance, the download contains all of the geometric pattern swatches plus the color swatches used throughout the graphics. By uploading the AI swatch file, you can apply the colors and patterns to any vector shape in Adobe Illustrator.

Start by heading to the Swatches panel in Illustrator and clicking the dropdown menu. Scroll down to Open Swatch Library > Other Library. This will bring up a popup menu; select the downloaded file saved on your computer and head to the AI Pattern Swatches folder. Click on the file to bring up the Geometric Pattern Swatches panel.

Graphic Design Essentials: 8 Free Seamless Geometric Patterns — AI Swatch File

To apply the patterns to a single vector object, activate the vector with the Selection Tool (V) and choose from one of the eight patterns in the panel. These patterns can be applied to blob brushes, text objects, shapes, and more. This is a quick and simple way to incorporate patterns and spruce up any invitation, business card, product packaging, or poster design.

Graphic Design Essentials: 8 Free Seamless Geometric Patterns — Selection Tool

Manually Tiling the Pattern

For those who don’t have access to Adobe Illustrator, you can also tile each pattern manually. While this technique takes longer than using the AI swatches, it’s still a great way to incorporate character and personality into any design. This duplication of the pattern by hand (or rather, mouse!) also gives you more control of how it will appear in clipping masks and backgrounds.

Using Adobe InDesign

In InDesign, start off by placing the JPEG pattern into the program with Command + D. Hit to scale the pattern as needed, then duplicate by holding down the Option key and dragging across. Select all pattern graphics, then utilize the Align panel to align to the key object and distribute the objects to fit the width of the pattern. For a width of 500 pixels, I set the spacing to 500 px and distributed the left edges.

Graphic Design Essentials: 8 Free Seamless Geometric Patterns — Align Panel

Using Shutterstock Editor

This tutorial is not limited to Adobe programs; you can also create the same look in our free Shutterstock Editor program by using the JPEG files in the download. Follow this Shutterstock Editor tutorial to learn how to work with seamless patterns.

Graphic Design Essentials: 8 Free Seamless Geometric Patterns — Shutterstock Editor

To take these patterns further, try experimenting with cropping and shape masks to bring in a subtle accent to any of your designs.

Change Hues to Fit the Tone of Your Composition

When using patterns, there will be instances where you might need to edit the hues within the graphic to best fit the context of your composition. Using the vector EPS files, you can quickly change the colors in Adobe Illustrator using the Color and Swatches panels. Or, if you don’t have access to Adobe programs, you can easily change the pattern’s hues in Shutterstock Editor.

Altering Colors in Adobe Illustrator

Due to the vector nature of these geometric patterns, changing the hues of each graphic is quite simple. Open up a vector EPS pattern in Adobe Illustrator, then ungroup all shapes with Shift + Command + G. Bring up any custom swatches in the Swatches panel, or get some color inspiration from these neon and pastel color combinations.

Graphic Design Essentials: 8 Free Seamless Geometric Patterns — Altering Color

With the Selection Tool (V), click on a specific shape and go up to Select > Same > Fill Color. This command activates all vector shapes with the exact same hue, enabling you to quickly change its swatch color. You can also individually select a shape and change its hue from there. Experiment with various tints, tones, and shades to arrive at the perfect customized pattern.

Making Adjustments in Shutterstock Editor

If you’re interesting in only making subtle color tweaks to the geometric pattern, then Shutterstock Editor‘s filters and effects are your best friend. Simply head over to the My Content (M) button, then upload the geometric pattern JPEG from the download file.

Graphic Design Essentials: 8 Free Seamless Geometric Patterns — Making Adjustments

Select a single graphic, then adjust any of the sliders in the Effects tab to alter the appearance of the pattern. Play around with Saturation, Contrast, Hue Rotation, and Temperature to achieve unique effects. Then, duplicate the pattern with the Duplicate tool, or use the shape masks to apply the pattern to a shape.

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