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15 FREE Garden and Backyard Sound Effects Pack

15 FREE Garden and Backyard Sound Effects Pack

With SFX for yard work, backyard machinery, and more, this pack is perfect for any outdoor video. Download these FREE sound effects to start.

This FREE SFX pack is filled with the sounds of gardening or backyard work! Whether you need the sounds of someone digging a hole to plant some veggies or flowers, mowing the lawn, raking, and even closing the garage door, this pack is perfect to have on hand for your next edit.

Whether you’re making a tutorial from your backyard, editing a television show or documentary, or just need some background foley for a scene, these sound effects will give you the added production value you need. Stopping production to record specific sound effects can slow down your shoot. Bypass this frustration with this all-encompassing sound effects pack.


By downloading, you agree not to resell or redistribute these FREE assets.

Getting the Most out of SFX

Outdoor Sound Effects
Throw in some outdoor sound effects with this FREE pack. Image via zedspider.

Like any sound effect, when left alone they can often sound a little rough. So, it’s best to throw in music underneath, or add the room tone to lower the decibels and have the clips fill the silent void playing underneath your footage. The pack is filled with tracks that can play the part of background noise—whether it’s washing dishes, vacuuming the floor, or just the sound of your dog barking in the distance. Never be afraid to throw in as many sounds as you can to fill the spaces.

Additional FREE Packs and DIY Tips

If you’re interested in our complete kitchen sound effects pack, check out over fifty sounds below!

Now, once you’ve filled the sounds of a kitchen location or cooking video, check out our pack of sounds you might hear from around the house. Whether it’s using the vacuum, flushing the toilet, or a dog barking, this pack will come in handy during your next edit. There’s also a few clips of room tone in case you need some low hums and generalized room sounds.

Or, and if you’re interested in how to record sound effects yourself, PremiumBeat‘s own Anthony Najera recently created a tutorial for recording DIY SFX. Find out what equipment you need, how to approach the sounds, and how you should edit them once you’ve recorded everything.

Fun tip: You really only need your phone to grab quality audio for the sound effects you might have missed on the day of the shoot.

Shutterstock Sound Effects Library

These are just a handful of free sound effects we’re offering. For thousands more, you can visit the Shutterstock Sound Effects library. This is the first Metaverse-ready SFX library, as the tracks are presented in stereo, 5.1, and ambisonic formats. These immersive tracks can be used in a variety of projects from VR, game streaming, game development, immersive films, ads, documentaries, and more.


Cover image via photoschmidt.

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