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Bored of the same old orange and rust fall color palettes? Neons look exceptionally modern combined with autumnal shades.

Why do neons work so beautifully with fall hues? The colors of autumn are rich, transient, and cozy, while neons are exuberant and obvious. Consider neons the extrovert counterbalance to autumn’s introverted mood. Bring a much-needed dose of dopamine and energy to traditional schemes as the darker evenings approach. 

To wake up your palette this season with an acid pop of neon color, check out these ten FREE palettes that incorporate neon in a fresh, fall-themed way.

Fall Color Palettes
Image via Bushko Oleksanda.

How to Use Your Neon Fall Palettes

Perhaps you have a seasonal marketing campaign coming up, or are preparing for a harvest or Halloween event. Whatever your project this season, these ten FREE fall color palettes offer an alternative to the usual rust and berry tones favored during these transitional months. 

Of course, the distinctive colors of the season make an appearance, with burnt orange, antique gold, and berry red lending an autumnal feel to otherwise alternative hues of neon mint, acid green, and Crayola yellow. Each palette presents a collection of colors that can give branding, illustration, print, or web designs more character and style. 

While some of the palettes take their inspiration from nature’s fall palette, others look to seasonal events or moods—Día de Muertos, rain-spattered city streets, etc.

Scroll down to find your new favorite fall palette, and discover how neons can enliven your seasonal designs. Why not pin your chosen palette to a Pinterest board or save to your computer to come back to later?

Neon Color Palette
Images via Zamurovic Brothers, ikrolevetc, and jaimie tuchman.

10 Fall Palettes That Incorporate Neon Colors

1. Autumn in the Park

Here, neon cyan, deep blue, orange, and cherry red combine to evoke the feel of a crisp fall day in the park. This palette gives a fresh take on complementary tones of blue and red.

Fall Color Palette
Images via Jewelzz, Julenochek, and Hekuneci.

Even though pure cyan is an exceptionally bright neon tone, here it’s tempered by richer colors, resulting in a complex, modern palette.

Rich Color Palette
Image via Sergretouch.

2. Dusky Neons

At this time of year, the air is moister and mistier, giving the landscape an ethereal personality. This soft palette takes its inspiration from these misty mornings which distort the light, giving everything a pink and purple glow.

Pink/Purple Color Palette
Images via Bushko Oleksandr, Bogdan Khmelnytskyi, and Anicka S.

Neon lavender and turquoise pair with neon pastel pink and cornflower blue for an otherworldly palette. 

Purple Color Palette
Image via Bushko Oleksandr.

3. Lichen and Concrete

This contemporary neon scheme, which takes its cues from rain-swept urban streets and the unexpectedly brash colors of woodland lichen, is a perfect way of incorporating autumnal orange into a more trend-forward scheme.

When combined with Pantone’s Colors of the Year, Illuminating and Ultimate Gray, orange feels more vibrant and urban. Charcoal anchors the scheme.

Gray/Charcoal Color Palette
Images via chunyawut_stock, ShevarevAlex, and Creative Lab.

This would be the perfect palette to use for seasonal projects that require a different approach or a modern edge. 

Gray/Yellow Color Palette
Image via Dominic Gentilcore PhD.

4. Berry and Mint

Neon mint green might not be immediately reminiscent of the fall season, but when combined with berry tones, it’s suitably seasonal.

Berry Color Palette
Images via colnihko, Igor Link, and Michael Warwick.

This scheme feels at once both fresh and mature, with petrol blue lending the palette a sophisticated, oceanic element.

Berry Color Palette
Image via Master 1305.

5. Into the Woods

Decay might not be an immediate source of fall-themed inspiration, but in these months of transition, it’s deterioration and decomposition that lends fall woodlands their characteristic and mesmerizing colors.

Purple Color Palette
Images via Kokhan O, Bushko Oleksandr, and GemsGarden.

Combine neon purple and neon pink with slate blue and inky black for an atmospheric palette that pays tribute to the beauty of decay. A fantastic alternative palette for sophisticated Halloween schemes.

Purple/Pink Color Palette
Image via Bushko Oleksandr.

6. Neon Aurora

The northern lights (aurora borealis) are visible between the fall and spring equinox, which means if you’re lucky enough to glance up on a dark night in the far northern hemisphere from late August, you may just catch a glimpse of this seasonal spectacle.

Neon Green Color Palette
Images via Jana Caposova, daniaphoto, and Papuchalka – kaelaimages

This palette is inspired by the neon pastel hues visible in nature’s greatest light show, creating a candy-hued scheme that would suit both fall and Halloween-themed designs.

Pastel Color Palette
Image via Jalisko.

7. Halloween Harvest

This palette combines more typical fall colors of orange, rust red, and leaf green with an acid injection of fluro green.

Fluro Green Color Palette
Images via MuratGungut, Fytya Karman, and Ray Bernoff.

The changing colors of forest foliage combine with Ghostbuster green for a palette that summarizes the natural spectacle and spooky celebrations of the fall season. 

Neon Color Palette
Image via Alina Bida.

8. Full Moon

A playful take on contrast, this palette combines neon Crayola yellow and rich pure blue with more conventional autumn tones of caramel and rusty red-brown. This palette balances energetic and cozy colors to create a scheme that is both fresh and comfortingly seasonal.

Blue/Yellow Color Palette
Images via okeykat, PHOTOARTDESIGN and allgoo.

Use this high-contrast palette for branding and logo designs that are launching in the fall months, without making the scheme feel overtly seasonal.

Gold/Blue Color Palette
Image via Vasyl Manchuk.

9. Día de los Muertos

This palette conjures up the festival atmosphere of Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), a Mexican holiday that takes place on November 1. Characterized by participants wearing incredible costumes and makeup, the celebration involves families gathering to pray for their departed loved ones, often congregating at the family tomb to say prayers throughout the night.

The holiday is not considered a somber affair, but rather a vibrant and lively event involving parades and celebrations, a continuation of the belief that the dead are still members of the community and—for one night—return to Earth.

Neon Color Palette
Images via Zamurovic Brothers, ikrolevetc, and jaimie tuchman.

This neon scheme combines some of the symbolic and festive colors of the holiday, with marigold yellow (a flower popularly used to decorate gravesites) and purple (a color used to represent mourning) featuring as frequently-used colors in Day of the Dead decorations. Neon aqua lends festival spirit, while deep, inky blue adds atmospheric depth.

Aqua Color Palette
Image via ikrolevetc.

10. Acid Gray

This smart, sophisticated palette is a fresh take on back-to-school hues of navy and gray. Neon green-yellow makes the scheme feel sporty rather than lethargic, while sage gray adds softness to this otherwise masculine palette.

Gray Color Palette
Images via Elena Shvetsova, Martyn Jandula, and Mykola Churpita.

If you’re creating seasonal content for a corporate business and want to avoid conventional rust and orange colors, this scheme will bring a new season feel to proposals and websites that really means business.

Gray Color Palette
Image via Galina Timofeeva.

Eager for the fall season to begin? Seeking more color inspiration? We’ve got you covered:

Cover image via colnihko.