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7 Free Bauhaus-Inspired Fonts and Design Assets

7 Free Bauhaus-Inspired Fonts and Design Assets

Bring the Bauhaus aesthetic to life with these complimentary Bauhaus design assets, color palettes, and fonts.

Bauhaus was a revolutionary movement that transformed how the modern world thought about form and function in graphic design, but also in everyday objects. At Shutterstock, we’re big fans of Bauhaus, and we’ve covered easy ways to work the iconic geometric Bauhaus look into your Illustrator designs, as well as the history behind the theory. It’s no stretch to say it’s one of our favorite design movements.

With this article, we wanted to round up some of our favorite FREE Bauhaus-inspired fonts and design assets so you can bring your mod design vision to life.

1. Free Geometric Backgrounds

Eight bauhaus design examples

One of the pillars of Bauhaus design is sticking to geometric shapes as you think about your designs. This pack contains eight free seamless geometric backgrounds that you can use in a variety of applications such as Shutterstock Create, Photoshop, or Illustrator.

2. Free Rainbow Color Palettes

Red, yellow, light blue, and dark blue geometric shapes

Most Bauhaus design employs a primary color scheme. We’ve rounded up these free color palettes inspired by the ROYGBIV colors of the rainbow.

This can help you push the limits of color in your Bauhaus-inspired designs and bring them to the 2020s.

3. Free Font: Strasua

Strasua font sample with the word bauhaus in white on dark blue background

Strasua was designed by Typodermic Fonts. Definitely check out their site as they have some incredible fonts as a part of their library.

This free font has strong roots in the Bauhaus design movement. It also has some 1970’s industrial design vibes.

It can be downloaded for personal and commercial use for free. Installing custom fonts on your machine is painless on both Mac and PC operating systems.

4. Free Font: COCOMAT

COCOMAT font sample with the word bauhaus in white on light blue background

COCOMAT was created by the ZETAFONTS Foundry and inspired by the style of iconic Italian futurists in the 1920s.

This san-serif font gives us serious Bauhaus vibes with its rounded character style and clean look. COCOMAT comes in five different weights and supports European languages and Greek alphabets.

COCOMAT is free for personal use, so download now!

5. Free Font: Powerweld

Powerweld font sample with the word bauhaus in white on mustard yellow background

Independent font designer Peter Wiegel originally designed Powerweld for a specific client that sold car alternators.

It’s obvious the roots are in Bauhaus design. The rounded letters and sans-serif approach capture the Bauhaus mindset of useful and clean design.

Powerweld is free for personal and commercial use, so just click that button below.

6. Free Font: Typo Round

Typo Round font sample with the word bauhaus in white on red background

Typo Round is one of our favorite fonts from the font foundry Studio Typo. Typo Round is a fun font inspired by Bauhaus principles.

Each character has rounded edges and is sans serif. Studio Typo hasn’t given us much indication as to the direct inspiration of this font, but it’ll suit any Bauhaus-inspired design nicely.

7. Free Font: Bowhouse

Bowhouse font sample with the word bauhaus in white on dark blue background
Image via Takuminokami.

As its name indicates, Bowhouse is an explicit nod to the Bauhaus movement. It employs the iconic rounded, sans-serif look that you’ll see on all pieces of graphically designed material in this movement.

We can’t recommend downloading this free font enough. It’s excellent to have in your design toolkit and has uses beyond the minimalist Bauhaus design style. The download below includes five different weights, which is extremely helpful.

Bowhouse is free for both personal and commercial use, so download now!

Bonus: Free Design Tool: Shutterstock Create

Mock up of project proposal

Shutterstock’s library houses many incredible Bauhaus-inspired letters and geometric designs. While you’ll have to pay for those, our design tool, Shutterstock Create, is completely free to use.

The tool is part of Shutterstock’s Creative Flow platform, which allows you to make agency-quality assets even if you have little-to-no design experience.

Adding Bauhaus elements (such as icons, typography, and images) to your designs has never been easier.

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