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Want to elevate your designs with an artistic autumn vibe? Check out these free (that’s right FREE) abstract fall patterns.

Pumpkins, scarves, acorns. These are beloved symbols of fall, but that doesn’t mean every project between now and November has to include them.

Instead, check out this FREE pack of Abstract Fall Patterns, offering a fresh—or shall we say crisp?—take on seasonal design.

What’s Included in this FREE Abstract Fall Pattern Pack

This seamless pattern pack contains four different patterns that can you can use individually or combined. Each pattern is 5000 x 5000 pixels to ensure quality in large canvas, yet can still be sized down as needed.

There are two file versions of this pattern:

  • .jpg file version -> ready to use
  • .png file version (transparent background) -> so that you can put them on any background
Autumn Pattern Pack
The four patterns included in the pack. Mock up via Soulart. Shadow overlay via Nuchylee.
Abstract Designs
All of the patterns included in the pack are seamless, which means you can place as many copies as you wish side-by-side. Mock up via ganjalex. Shadow overlay via Nezabudkina.

How to Download the FREE Abstract Fall Pattern Pack

Simply click on the red download button below to download the pack, then extract the zip file (double-click on Mac, or right-click -> extract files on Windows).

Inside the zip file, you’ll find two folders—one contains the ready-to use .jpeg files, the other contains the transparent .png files.

Download the FREE Abstract Fall Pattern Pack HERE

By downloading this FREE pack, you agree not to resell or redistribute these assets.

Ways to Use the FREE Abstract Pattern Pack

One of the greatest things about patterns is their versatility. You can use them to fill out a blank space (a background, shape, or typography), or as the main element of your design.

Here are some ideas to spark your creativity . . .

Presentation Design

Elevate a plain white presentation by using the patterns as accents. Just don’t overcrowd your slides—you want the focus of your presentation to stay on the content itself.

Presentation Ideas
Create an attention-grabbing presentation with the help of these patterns. Mock up via Sentelia. Shadow overlay via Nuchylee.

Website Banner

Update your website banner for the season and add a unique, modern look to your site while you’re at it.

Website Banner Ideas
Apply these patterns to your website banner. Mock up via Floral Deco. Shadow overlay via Nuchylee.

Stationery Design

Imagine receiving this eye-catching envelope? Wouldn’t you be excited to open it and see what’s inside?

Envelope Ideas
This unique envelope will make people wonder what’s inside. Mock up via JuliaDesigner. Shadow overlay via Nuchylee.

Wrapping Paper

Package a special gift with special paper. No gift-giving plans just yet? Print the patterns now and save for later—you never know when you’re going to need it!

Wrapping Paper Ideas
Make your gift even more special with the help of these patterns. Mock up via MarijaBazarova. Shadow overlay via Nezabudkina.

How to Apply Seamless Patterns

Step 1: Define Your Pattern

First, you need to add the pattern to your Adobe Photoshop’s pattern catalog. You can do this with the Define Pattern feature.

Here’s how:

  • Open the downloaded pattern file with Adobe Photoshop
  • Choose Edit -> Define Pattern
  • Write the name of your pattern
  • Then, repeat the above steps with your other pattern files until all the patterns have been defined into your pattern catalog
Autumn Pattern Tutorial
Open your pattern, then click Edit -> Define Pattern to add to the catalog.

Step 2: Apply Seamless Pattern

To apply the seamless pattern to your design, use the Pattern Fill tool.

  • On your design canvas, make sure you have the Layers window open. To show the Layers window, click on Windows > Layers.
  • Select the background layer or any of the layers that you want to fill using the pattern
  • Click on the Adjustment Layer button at the bottom of the Layer window
  • Choose Pattern and the Pattern Fill pop-up window will appear
Pattern Fill
Click on the Adjustment Layer button -> Pattern to open the Pattern Fill window.
  • Choose the pattern that you’ve defined before
  • You can easily adjust the Scale and Angle of your pattern. Adjust until you achieve the desired look, then click OK.
Adjust Pattern
You can adjust the Angle and Scale of your pattern.

Step 3: Changing the Pattern

To switch patterns, simply double-click on your layer pattern and the Pattern Fill window will appear. You can also re-adjust the Angle and Scale any time with this Pattern Fill window.

Pattern Fill Window
Simply double-click on the Pattern Fill layer to re-adjust or change the pattern.
Final Product
Voilà! Lovely!

Interested in designing your own patterns? Check out these tutorials below:

Cover image’s mock up via Soulart. Shadow overlay via Nuchylee.