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Exciting news for anyone who uses video to do their job — Shutterstock’s new footage subscription makes it easier than ever to get the freshest clips at the right price.

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With two plans and three ways to pay, a Shutterstock footage subscription offers teams of every size a convenient, friction-free way to save money on the fresh, high-quality video assets they use to reach viewers, customers, clients, and followers.

Choose the stock footage subscription that’s right for your needs — ten clips per month or twenty per month. The moment you activate your preferred plan, you’ll get access to millions of HD and 4K clips, all of them covered by our popular standard license.

Select the billing option that works best for your budget.

  • Save big with an annual plan that you pay monthly.
  • Save bigger — and spend as little as $8.33 per clip — when you pay upfront for a full year.
  • Pay month-to-month.

No matter how you customize your subscription, you spend less when compared to on-demand packs.

Benefits Beyond Budget

Whether you’re hustling solo on small-but-frequent freelance gigs, or running an international team responsible for multiple simultaneous projects, subscribing is a game-changer. In addition to instantly lowering the price per clip, a Shutterstock footage subscription provides a hassle-free way to explore and experiment with millions of clips.

That means more flexibility, improved efficiency, more consistent output, and total creative freedom. Collaboration is streamlined as well, thanks to the ability to build footage collections that can be easily shared with stakeholders.

Whatever your role — video editor, freelancer, content marketer, social media manager, startup leader, small business pro — it’s simply easier to find the perfect footage and focus purely on creativity when you don’t have to watch the clock and sweat the budget.

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