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8 Offset Food Photographers Share Drool-Worthy Images — Use Natural Light

8 Offset Food Photographers Share Drool-Worthy Images

Interested in the unique art of food photography? Take inspiration from stunning work by eight professional food photographers and Offset contributors.

At Offset, food photographers have the power to make mouths water across the world. Using their photography skills, these food photographers can make nearly anything look delicious. That may even include your grandma’s classic meatloaf! 

We’re sharing the work of eight Offset food photographers who use their skills to create content perfect for our platform. Clients globally use Offset to source images that are a perfect fit for their brand, therefore, they look to artists like these eight for authentic food imagery. These food photographers use Offset to showcase their photographs, and as a result earn money for their work.

8 Offset Food Photographers Share Drool-Worthy Images — How to Earn Money

Image by Dolphia Nandi

Here are eight food photographers inspiring our team through their beautiful content. Get to know the people behind the lens of some of the most powerful food imagery on Offset.

Andrea van der Spuy
Offset Portfolio

Andrea’s stunning portfolio of work features interesting ingredients and playful colors in food photography. This Cape Town, South Africa based photographer pairs local ingredients with minimalist backdrops to let her food do all the talking. As a published photographer, she shoots both editorial and commercial work internationally and locally, impressing clients around the world. Above all, we love her delectable-looking red cabbage spreads and anything she does with seafood. Food photography needs to be fresh and look ready to eat. Above all, she captures that element perfectly using her skills behind the lens. For offbeat flavors, interesting colors, and most noteworthily, unique ingredients, check out Andrea’s portfolio.

Dolphia Nandi
Offset Portfolio

Multi-talented doesn’t begin to describe Boston-based food photographer Dolphia Nandi. This current Harvard University student is educated in a variety of fields, including computer science, engineering, and digital media. Not only does Dolphia excel in education, she also uses her creative side to create incredible content for food and beverage clients around the world. We love Dolphia’s clean use of backgrounds, aa well as her simple propping which lets the food take center stage in her images. Her portfolio showcases a wide variety of vertical imagery that are a perfect fit for creating engaging Instagram Stories or Pinterest-worthy pins that viewers won’t be able to skip by.

Leslie Grow
Offset Portfolio

Leslie is a Los Angeles-based food photographer who uses her lens to capture her love of food in every variety. She specializes in using fresh ingredients, often a result of her garden maintained by the beautiful California sun. As an accomplished photographer, she has worked with clients around the globe and contributes stunning colorful food content to Offset regularly. We love that no matter the condition and environment, Leslie uses her talent and photographic skill to manipulate shadow and light to capture her still life subject effortlessly. Get ready to get an instant growl in your stomach after browsing Leslie’s beautiful portfolio of food photography work on Offset.

James Ransom
Offset Portfolio

James is an accomplished photographer based in New York whose work primarily focuses on food and interiors. He uses rich colors paired with backgrounds that are perfect for making his subjects pop. This photographer has been featured globally in reputable publications and studied photography at Brigham Young University. James’ work on Offset features a variety of food photography flatlays. We love his comfort food classics paired with stunning propping and beautiful table layouts. Most noteworthy, scroll through his portfolio to find images of melting matcha pops next to blueberry pies that look fresh out of the oven. A master at timing, James understands the power that fresh food has when capturing an image, and as a result he has honed his craft to near perfection.

Kankana Saxena
Offset Portfolio

We like images that tell stories. Stories that inspire the viewer to instantly cook an incredible dinner, or to go out to eat at that amazing restaurant they’ve been dying to try. Kankana’s food photography inspires you to do just that. This freelance photographer based in California uses natural light only, in order to capture the vibrant shades of the ingredients she finds locally. Her first cookbook, Taste of Eastern India, was just released and our team couldn’t be more thrilled for Kankana’s success. Vertical images have the power to tell incredible stories on social platforms, therefore Kankana’s images are essential for marketing food imagery online. Get inspired to use dynamic backdrops and playful perspectives on your next photoshoot after browsing Kankana Sexana’s stunning portfolio.

Can Mete
Offset Portfolio

Istanbul has been home to some incredible creatives who are reputable in the photography industry, and Can is a perfect example of one of those photographers. Graduating with a degree in gastronomy allowed Can a high degree of technical understanding of food, combined with creative photography skills. Skilled on and off the lens, Can uses his aesthetic eye in combination with his love of food to transform plates into art. A glimpse into Can’s portfolio shows a high diversity of flavors, interesting textures, and movement and motion. In particular, we love his outdoor work, which showcases the people behind the art of beautiful food and the actions they take to plate food to look just right for the photographs. Take inspiration from the work of Can Mete as he takes you on a culinary journey through his craft.

Monica Jiandani
Offset Portfolio

Gifted, cozy, and unique. Those are the exact words that we’d use to describe the work of Philippines-based food photographer Monica Jiandani. The creative combines her passion for food and creative ambitions, and as a result, she creates incredible imagery for clients on and off Offset. We love her Asian creations with beautiful chopsticks and plating. She modernizes traditional dishes to be relatable, consequently allowing brands to use her content online. What’s even more, when she isn’t shooting food the photographer dabbles in travel photography on her various trips around the world.

Chelsea Cavanaugh
Offset Portfolio

When you begin your career in the photo studios of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, you’re bound to pick up some expert tips. Chelsea did that, and then some. Furthermore, the accomplished photographer dove headfirst into the world of food photography on her own following that career start. This photographer has reputable food and drink clients around the world eyeing her work. Her work is simple, clean and, as a result, her subjects speak for themselves.

We absolutely love the way that Chelsea’s images tell stories on their own, due to an authentic perspective. Most noteworthy, her work contains no unnecessary details or excessive props that take away from the images. Because of her use of color, her imagery brings life to any content use you can imagine. Above all, her talent makes it hard to turn away from looking at her portfolio over and over again. When she’s not taking photographs, you can probably find her wandering gardens in Brooklyn to draw inspiration from nature and light. We all need a little creative break sometimes. 

8 Offset Food Photographers Share Drool-Worthy Images — Join Offset

Image by Monica Jiandani.

Joining Offset

If you’re a food and drink photographer interested in earning money doing what you love, apply to join Offset. Start contributing to our platform of authentic imagery from around the world. Your photography skills deserve a platform that can support your career growth and showcase your work to clients.

Featured image by Kankana Sexana.

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