Valentina Photos has one of the most diverse portfolios we’ve seen in a while, blending disciplines, media, and points of view. Igorij embraces the icon, bringing a punk-rock sensibility to his illustrations and vector sets. Together, they’re this week’s picks to Follow on Shutterstock.
Check out a sample of both artists’ work below, along with notes on why we chose them from Shutterstock Curator Liz Lapp, then click through to view their full portfolios and start Following them yourself.

Valentina Photos

“This is no ordinary contributor. Valentina is part photographer and part illustrator, and this fine artist from Italy tackles all subject matter. From more standard stock imagery to newly realized surreal landscapes, you’ll fall in love with the diversity within her portfolio.”

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“Icons are a big part of our collection, and Igorij is making great contributions in that area with his illustrations. His bold icons also vary in subject matter, but tend to embody the more masculine side of things. I really like his nods to old tattoos, as well as rock and roll.”

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