Abstraction takes many forms, and this week’s featured artists explore different approaches towards its manifestation. Illustrator 1Viktoria uses broad strokes to create her alluring, loosely sketched fashion plates, while telesniuk zooms in on fascinating architectural details to create head-spinning optical effects.
Check out a sample of both artists’ work below, along with notes on why we chose them from Shutterstock Curator Liz Lapp, then click through to view their full portfolios and start Following them yourself.


“1Viktoria uses an emotive sketch style to create these minimalistic and abstract fashion illustrations. The subjects feel modern, and the pops of color create movement and add a touch of drama to each image. These stylish fashion illustrations can easily become compelling assets in your designs.”

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“Along with telesniuk’s sets of sweeping cityscapes and creatively composed landmarks, you’ll find a rich collection of abstract architecture that’s a real treat for the eyes. From endless tunnels to the metal gridwork of building ceilings, these minimalistic abstractions will leave you dazzled with their disorientation.”

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