Since we launched our new “Follow” feature in December, we’ve been filling up our feeds with some of the most amazing artists on Shutterstock. So instead of keeping all these great finds to ourselves, we decided to start sharing them with you. This week marks the first installment in our new “Follow Favorites” feature. Each time, we’ll be picking two contributors — representing photos and illustrations, respectively — whose portfolios keep us consistently inspired.
We’re kicking things off with vintage entertainment-image powerhouse the Everett Collection and mixed-media artist Jumpingsack. Check out some of some their work below, get some insight from Shutterstock curator Liz Lapp about why we love them, and click through to Follow them both yourself.


“My eyes were immediately drawn to the bold colors and strong sketch lines of these illustrations. Each image in the gallery stands as an individual work of art; I can envision creating a poster or flyer for a music or art event with any one of these. Jumpingsack’s work speaks directly to designers with its ability to add impact to a wide variety of projects.”

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The Everett Collection

“Not only is this massive collection filled with classic, retro images, but it’s also extremely diverse in subject matter. From a happy cowboy to a glamorous gal, you’ll never find yourself stuck looking for something cool and unique here. When in doubt, you can always turn to this collection filled with vintage photographic treasures.”

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What do you think of this week’s picks? Are there other artists you’d like to see featured here? Tell us who you’re “Following” in the comments, and we could include them in a future installment!