It’s 2017 – as a business owner you’re well aware that most media for your business is digital. No matter how effective your email marketing campaigns and PPC ads may be, you’ll still find yourself in need of flyers throughout the course of your career. Flyers promote your business in a variety of ways, from announcing events to informing potential customers about changes to your services.

However, if a flyer fails to grab a reader’s attention right away, it often winds up in the garbage. You want your marketing materials to generate some return on your investment: What are the best methods for designing flyers that really get the job done?

Of course, there are many answers, and the guidelines you follow will change based on your brand and the type of flyer you need. But the following 25 flyer designs culled together from across the web can inspire and educate you on flyer design best practices.

1. Général Sherman

flyer design example
Screenshot via BZOING.

Never underestimate the powerful combination of professional photography and negative space. As this flyer for Canadian bar Général Sherman demonstrates, minimal imagery that’s carefully chosen will often entice more effectively than bombarding the viewer. This flyer was designed by design agency BZOING.

2. Mondopolitani Art Fest

flyer design
Screenshot via Mondopolitani Art Fest.

For the last several years Claudia Alexandrino has been in charge of shaping the visual identity of the Mondopolitani Art Fest. This flyer from the 2015 event expertly demonstrates the benefits of going with a riskier color palette. Push the boundaries of convention on your flyer to be unforgettable.

3. Eco Freako

Screenshot via

Use your resources to extend your brand ethics to your marketing materials. Sam Soulek designed this flyer for brand Eco Freako in order to generate excitement about going green within the office, and the flyer itself was printed on completely recycled materials.

4. NY Fashion Week

Screenshot via

The creative use of varying typefaces here demands appreciation. Consider defying expectations with a mixture of bold, large typefaces and smaller, streamlined choices to brand yourself as a force to watch. Eugenia Anselmo designed this digital flyer for Kari Feinstein as part of an experimental series.

5. Beauty World Dubai

Screenshot via

Juxtaposing organic elements with structured typography is a great method of conveying the creative aspect of your business while remaining professional and serious in the eyes of the consumer. Soha El Nassag’s flyer for Beauty World Dubai uses an explosion of color and inventive spacing.

6. Muah X

flyer designs
Screenshot via

Anymade Studio is responsible for this sublime flyers and brochures for the Muah X Fest. The custom typography and careful consideration of color is well-orchestrated to seem both controlled and chaotic. The extreme contrast in font size helps pack text and information into the middle of the material.

7. Prince Ink

Screenshot via

These self-promotional flyers from Prince Ink demonstrate how nostalgic today’s design landscape is – the “hand made” feel still connects with readers looking for personalized charm. Commission some hand-drawn typography for your next flyer if it aligns with your brand.

8. Young People’s Theatre

excellent flyer designs
Screenshot via

If your business falls within the arts and humanities you may wish to infuse your flyers and printed marketing materials with contrast, action, and drama to mirror the stirring nature of art. Jordan Puopolo included vivid colors, a thick all-caps font, and huge type on his campaign materials for YPT in 2012.

9. Creative Design Company Flyer

flyer design inspiration
Screenshot via

This flyer designed Giang Hoang is actually a customizable template, but there is a simple lesson to be learned – when you want to stick with traditional flyer designs for your company, keep your branding consistent by staying within your logo’s color scheme.

10. TVNZ

unique flyer design
Screenshot via

Playing with shapes is a strategy that can ensure your flyer stands out from the competition. This folding flyer by Thomas Pavitte for TVNZ begins in a striking triangle shape, and as you read it the flyer unfolds to take the form of the number seven.

11. Bushwick Boogie Festival

cool flyer design
Screenshot via

Depending on what you’re advertising you may actually want to reduce the legibility of your flyer. This playful flyer for the Bushwick Boogie Festival designed by Candy Hutton forces viewers to take another look, processing the information by interacting with the flyer.

12. Handwashing Campaign

Screenshot via Agência Matriz

So many flyers rely on digital elements that sometimes your best option is to go with something completely different, like this alarming and effective photograph of painted hands meant to represent bacteria on unwashed hands. When your flyer will be light on text consider going with an unforgettable image, like this one designed by Agência Matriz.

13. SDA Cafe

Screenshot via

Food is inherently part of the ephemeral arts. Connect to that organic nature by including symbols of traditional art in your flyers, like the paint splatters that can be found throughout this flyer for SDA Cafe by Gelo Reyes.

14. Boxing Lessons

Screenshot via

Technically this flyer is a t-shirt concept from Glenn Jones, but the ruling principle applies: play off of design expectations and infuse humor if your marketing allows to win over customers. After all, those quirky Old Spice commercials have been successful for years. Few things sell better than “funny.”

15. Lovejoy

Screenshot via

Event promotion flyers have their own specific style: buck the trend with a stark, minimal design and clearly sorted information. This flyer template from isoarts also creates the illusion of three-dimensional space on a printed flyer for added allure.

16. Loulou and Tummie

Screenshot via Loulou and Tummie

On the other hand, flyers are a two-dimensional medium. You can play to the strengths of print with aesthetically pleasing flat design. This flyer promoting animators and character designers Loulou and Tummie is memorable simply through elegant and amusing design.

17. Geburtstag

Screenshot via

No photoshoot needed for this flyer advertising Geburtstags to pop: the layering, angled fonts, and creative use of type within the “18” deliver a dynamic, memorable design that also has plenty of room for text and information. This flyer was designed by Tobias Schneider.

18. Plumbing Service Flyer

Screenshot via

This flyer is a template (from Inkd) that uses repetitive imagery to reinforce the company service, while the condensed font feels solid and makes the brand appear reliable. Build off of this concept to create a flyer for your local services.

19. Beat Up!

Screenshot via Jacopo Severitano

Flyers flooded with information and images often are recycled without a second thought. One impactful photograph may be all you need to hook a potential customer. Using this flyer by Jacopo Severitano as inspiration, dare to build your materials around a singular image.

20. Mikro

Screenshot via

If you have the budget to hire a professional designer for an event or product launch, sometimes the most dazzling artistic images do the selling for you. This flyer for the Mikro event in 2010 by Dennis Mundt packs such a feast for the eyes that you may not spot the central image of a lizard upon a first viewing.

21. Manage Your Day-to-Day

Screenshot via Manage Your Day-to-Day

This marketing flyer (and book cover) for Manage Your Day-to-Day from 99U should remind business owners of the possibilities of the fold-out flyer. Include multiple pages of information or prominently feature a central message. Captivating images can spread across the entire inner section.

22. Masala Darbar

Screenshot via

For restaurant marketing, try to cut out the middleman: use a minimal redesign of your menu as a primary marketing flyer. Focus on your signature dishes and include basic information about your restaurant to lure customers like this menu/brochure hybrid by Jekin Gala for Masala Darbar.

23. Vulture Labs

Screenshot via

Never underestimate the appeal of a flyer that opens in a concertina layout. Contrasting elongated images with smaller blocks of texts breaks up the space in a compelling manner. Jake Brandford designed this concertina flyer for Vulture Labs.

24. Chris Lamberth

Screenshot via

If you provide graphic design services as an organization or as a freelance contractor your flyers and brochures must walk the walk. Even with traditional template layouts your flyers should showcase your distinct style and design prowess, like this self-promotional flyer from Chris Lamberth.

25. Drop Inn

Screenshot via

Think outside of the box to grab readers with your marketing. The Drop Inn hostel in Singapore distributed these ingenious O-shaped flyers designed by Bravo that inform the reader they have “dropped” their key vowel, and anyone who returns it can stay for a discounted rate. Including incentives in your flyer is another winning strategy.

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Don’t let your flyers fall victim to playing it safe – take an educated design risk to grab your reader’s attention from the first glance. Use these flyer designs as inspiration and start planning your next marketing campaign with confidence. When you’re ready to start design, use Shutterstock Editor. With an easy-to-use interface, and powerful tools for text, shapes, filters, and more, you can create the perfect flyer to catch your next customer’s eye.

Top image by Denys Koltovskyi.