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Final Cut Pro X Debuts with a Shutterstock Multi-Asset Extension

Final Cut Pro X Debuts with a Shutterstock Multi-Asset Extension

Final Cut Pro X offers a Shutterstock extension that delivers over 225 million royalty-free assets to expedite the video editing process.

Post-production is more than just polishing raw footage. Rather, it’s the process through which a coherent story emerges from a collection of disparate parts.

To enable editors to materialize their creative visions quickly without sacrificing quality, the latest release of Final Cut Pro X offers a powerful video editing interface complete with a multi-asset Shutterstock extension available for download.

With 360° video editing capabilities, sophisticated tools for workflow and asset management, built-in support for closed captioning, and in-platform access to more than 225 million Shutterstock assets, Final Cut Pro is poised to transform the creative process for consumers and professional editors alike.

Shutterstock for Final Cut Pro Extension Features

Final Cut Pro X Debuts with a Shutterstock Multi-Asset Extension - Shutterstock Extension Features
As the only extension providing royalty-free video clips, images, and music tracks within Final Cut Pro, the Shutterstock integration offers editors ready-to-use creative assets at their fingertips. Additionally, a seamless integration provides a smooth user experience by allowing editors to stay within one interface during the post-production process.

With the Shutterstock extension, editors can expect the following:

  • In-platform access to Shutterstock’s library of over 225 million high-quality video clips, images, and music tracks, which grows at a rate of more than one million new assets per week.
  • A powerful search experience that surfaces the perfect assets when they need it. Built with the Shutterstock API, the extension offers best-in-class search that makes it easy and fast to pinpoint the right assets.
  • An efficient workflow, which eliminates the time-consuming process of leaving Final Cut Pro to search for assets, check for usage rights, download, and return to upload. The Shutterstock extension also allows editors to save assets into their personal collections for easy access at a later time.
  • The ability to preview without purchase to ensure a seamless fit between existing content and Shutterstock’s royalty-free assets.

Hundreds of Free Assets Available

Final Cut Pro X Debuts with a Shutterstock Multi-Asset Extension - Free Shutterstock collections within Final Cut Pro
To support a range of video projects, the Shutterstock extension also provides hundreds of high-quality assets for free across a variety of custom curated collections.

The free assets allow editors to immediately fill in content gaps by leveraging Shutterstock’s diverse range of video clips, music tracks, and images produced by world-class videographers, musicians, photographers, and artists.

As the Shutterstock library grows, the free collections will be updated as well. This ensures that editors have access to the freshest content available.


The Shutterstock extension complements the latest release of Final Cut Pro by enabling editors to tap into a dynamic and diverse royalty-free library within the video editing interface.

Aligned with Shutterstock and Final Cut Pro’s goal of building solutions that facilitate an environment in which users can create with ease and efficiency, this integration reimagines a new post-production workflow that caters to how editors want to work.

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