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With many people working from home, productions canceled, and panic spreading throughout the world it is becoming more and more difficult to ensure the show goes on. But, some companies are here to help and are offering assistance in these trying times.


Filmmaking Industry Tools and Service Updates During the Pandemic — MASV
Image via MASV.

We have come to love this company in our office, especially since we find many of our cohorts spread out across the country and some even across the globe. MASV is file transferring service hand-tailored for sending large volume packages in an extremely quick and safe manner. So, it happens to be perfect for those of us in video production who at times need to send hundreds of GBs of footage to collaborators who need access to our files.

Right now they have their pricing set at 25 cents/GB to deliver. MASV recognizes that right now is a rough time for creatives, since shipping things like hard drives may soon be difficult. They introduced a 10% discount on all transfers in March (which they hopefully will maintain through April), and extended the window of delivery time from ten days to download now up to thirty days at no charge.

MASV also reset access to the free trial for anyone who already used it, so you can once again get 100GB of material sent for free with the trial (or sign up for the free trial for your first time and test it out). They extended their support to help you make sure you hit your deadline, as well. MASV knows that the Coronavirus is affecting our industry and it’s nice to see a company in the field lend a helping hand.

2. Avid

Filmmaking Industry Tools and Service Updates During the Pandemic — Avid
Image via Avid.

If you rely on Avid but it’s locked behind closed doors at your office, the company is offering creative licenses that will last for ninety days to people who are working from home. Here is the statement straight from the company:

“As an added measure to assist our community in adjusting their workflows to accommodate COVID-19 virus precautions, Avid will be providing temporary licenses of our creative tools to customers at no charge. Starting Monday, March 16 through Friday, April 17 for those users who are unable to access their systems at their facilities and thus must work from home, we will provide 90-day licenses for Media Composer Ultimate, Pro Tools, Pro Tools Ultimate, or Sibelius Ultimate. In addition, any student of an institution that uses our products who is unable to attend school and can no longer access school facilities can receive a 90-day license of the same products.”

3. Microsoft

Filmmaking Industry Tools and Service Updates During the Pandemic — Microsoft
Image via Microsoft Teams.

Self-quarantine can be a lonely place. In these times, communicating with your coworkers is not only vital for keeping your company on track, but also for some copasetic interaction for those in the same boat as you. Microsoft is offering a free trial for its premium plan of the Team chat messenger app. It includes 1TB of storage for recording meetings, and Microsoft extended the trial period to six months.

4. ftrack/cineSync

Filmmaking Industry Tools and Service Updates During the Pandemic — ftrack/cineSync
Image via ftrack.

Pulled from their website, “ftrack is the project management, production tracking, and media review platform that teams in the creative industries use to collaborate. ftrack connects people, simplifies workflows, and increases studio efficiency. Whether a small boutique or global multi-site studio, ftrack scales to your business.”

They will be offering ftrack Review for free to anyone up until May 31st (this date may be extended depending on how the COVID-19 situation progresses). This is an incredible way for all of us in production who trying to maintain progress on our productions to stay in touch and on track.

ftrack also owns cineSync, and if you can no longer be in the same room as someone but still need to professionally breakdown footage this is a great asset to check out. cineSync is not being offered for free right now but could prove to be an extremely effective tool for you. If you are working on an edit, VFX, reviewing takes, or post color grading, cineSync goes quite a few steps past Skype and allows everyone to simultaneously manipulate the footage at the same time. It even allows you to draw on the screen, so if you notice something that needs to be corrected you can simply circle it and then take notes so the editor knows exactly what you are talking about.

5. Cisco

Filmmaking Industry Tools and Service Updates During the Pandemic — Cisco
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Cisco, through their Webex meeting program, are offering unlimited data usage with no time restrictions, support for up to 100 participants, and free 90-day licenses to companies who are not already customers of the service. They will also be assisting current customers to help them expand their range, as more employees will need the service while working from home.

6. Google

Filmmaking Industry Tools and Service Updates During the Pandemic — Google
Image via G Suite Updates Blog.

Google is giving everyone free access to its advanced Hangouts Meet video-conferencing features until July 1st. This tool is included in Google’s G Suite and can have up to 250 participants in a call. It also has the ability to record/store the meetings in your Google drive, and the live streaming capabilities to reach 100,000 viewers. This could be a necessity, as almost companies have canceled live conferences and shifted to streaming to workers’ homes.

7. Adobe

Filmmaking Industry Tools and Service Updates During the Pandemic — Adobe
Image via Adobe.

If you are a student, Adobe is currently offering all of their creative cloud apps for free to those who log in through on campus labs in light of COVID-19. This offer is currently extended to May 31st 2020. Adobe is also offering a ninety-day free trial of their Adobe Connect web conferencing software to any and all who might need it. Connect is available until July 1st, so take advantage of it soon.


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As a company currently in a mandatory work from home situation, has a good idea about what you might need to make it through these times. Until the end of this month they are offering extra 2TB worth of storage for free to help accommodate those having to move operations home. If you’re part of a medical, educational, or non-profit organization, is also offering their enterprise plan free for 90 days.

9. Apple

Image via Apple.

The minds at Mac are offering free 90-day trials of both their video editing software Final Cut Pro X and the audio editing suite Logic Pro X. While Final Cut previously offered a free 30-day trial, this is a completely new step for Logic. If you find yourself without access to either of these programs while working from home or campus—or if you just always wanted to check em’ out—Apple has your back, at least for 90 days.

If you’re working on new projects or wrapping up some existing edits, you can also take advantage of our resource hub, which has a really useful free footage pack. You’ll also find free images, free music, and curated collections, plus all of our industry coverage and creative insight to help you get through these times (or simply take your mind off things).

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