Ruth Black’s love affair with photography began as a kid, taking snaps of her family for the cherished family photo albums. It wasn’t until 2008, after having left her job at a bank and while raising her two children, that she became a Shutterstock contributor. Eventually she turned photography, her hobby and self-proclaimed obsession, into a career she loves. What’s more, she also combined photography with another passion: baking. Focusing her lens on delicious baked treats, Black has become a star photographer of the ever-popular cupcake.

Black’s sophisticated and shabby-chic photographs of cupcakes are visually appealing and pair well with messages about life’s joys, such as birthdays, holidays, and love. Black pays attention to details, employing beautiful crockery and table props. To capture her engaging shots, Black did away with her compact camera and now shoots with a Canon 7D, fitted with a Canon 100mm macro lens. Her technical skills and talent set her work apart, creating delectable and usable imagery for designers.

“I try to produce brightly colored, eye-catching images,” Black says “I started out trying a variety of subjects, but found that the best results were from things I enjoyed shooting. I now mostly photograph cupcakes and other sweet things.”

Black has spotted her work in a variety of places: A poster for a shopping center in the U.K., calendars, notecards, and even a very brief appearance in the 2011 movie “Bridesmaids.” And what becomes of all those baked goods? They also make star appearances — as yummy desserts for her husband and children.

To see more of Ruth Black’s sweet imagery, view a lightbox of her work on Shutterstock.

(Right) Cupcake cameo: seen in the feature film Bridesmaids. (Left) Currently in use for the Trinity Shopping Center, UK poster campaign.