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Facebook has been a major player in the world of social networking for many years, and it remains an important outlet for brands and businesses to connect with their customer base. While social sites like Twitter and Instagram also offer great exposure and dynamic possibilities for connection, Facebook’s unique features and broad user base make it especially well-suited to certain marketing strategies.

For example, a company’s Facebook page has the opportunity display many branded images at once with the cover image, user icon, and posted pictures. With just a quick glance a user can see dozens of examples of the brand, whether it’s promotional designs or photos of a brand’s product/service. The company’s brand identity can be highlighted through creative and engaging ad design, letting these opportunities for image sharing do double duty as both content and marketing.

Facebook image design takes a bit of technical know-how since images have to comply with Facebook’s display sizes and other parameters. These tips will help anyone with marketing design projects that are unique and perfectly fit for Facebook.

Clarify your design goals

facebook image design editor
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What would you like each image to accomplish? If you’re not sure, this can be determined with some helpful questions:

  • Where do you want your brand name to appear?
  • Where do you want your motto or business slogan to appear?
  • What action do you want people to take upon seeing your branded image?
  • Is it possible to use examples of your work on any images?
  • Are there stock images that can be used to enhance and clarify your message?

Take a closer look at Facebook images

Your user icon is one of the most highly visible representations of your brand on Facebook; this is the image that will show up on people’s news feeds whenever you post or share something. Having the company name in this icon is advisable but only if the words are clearly visible within the small tile. Otherwise, stick to the company logo or an image that encompasses the brand.

Header images should introduce viewers to your company in a way that is visually engaging and not too text heavy. Contact info, hours of operation, and other information doesn’t have to live in your header image, as Facebook provides an ‘About’ section.

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Finally, photos shared to capture reader interest and to encourage engagement through clicks and comments should have features that clearly associate them with your brand. For instance, a restaurant can create a photo collage of menu items. This collage is placed on background colors consistent with brand identity. Text can be added to announce weekly specials or other information connected with the images.

Use simple design tools

Shutterstock Editor is a free-to-use online design app that gives you the freedom to create beautiful designs with your own images or with any asset from the Shutterstock collection. The pre-sized Facebook templates in Editor will give you a great head start on your next social media design project.