Think of a Facebook page like a magazine layout, with multiple images and sections that showcase your content. Just like a full-page spread on a feature story, your Facebook cover photo offers a first impression to visitors, so they have a better idea of what to expect from your brand or business. Ideally, you want to choose a cover photo that engages people and encourages them to explore more of your page. With a Facebook cover photo maker like Shutterstock Editor, you can easily create a cover photo with the perfect dimensions and layout for your brand.

In this practical guide, we’ve shared how to use a Facebook cover photo maker to design gorgeous visuals for your business or personal brand.

How Does Shutterstock Editor Work?

Built to work seamlessly in your browser, Shutterstock Editor, a free photo editor, allows you to upload and edit images on the fly. Whether you’re working with a stock image or a personal creation, you can easily add text, filters, shapes, and more. The app also includes a wide range of size presets, which optimize your project for Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.

One of the biggest challenges people face when they upload a Facebook cover photo is the dimensions. Many times, images end up looking stretched and unprofessional. In Shutterstock Editor, you can use the “Facebook Cover” preset, which limits your project’s dimensions to the correct Facebook cover photo size. This ensures that your cover photo looks crisp and unaltered, regardless of the end-user’s device. No need to worry about stretching, pixelation, or small images that fail to upload.

Shutterstock Editor also includes 10 custom filters that will give your Facebook Page a more stylish look. Choose from the ultra-saturated Nickel, the monochrome Carbon, the muted Palladium, and many more. Or, give your cover photo a modern looks with bold, colorful shape masks and sans-serif fonts.

What Is the Correct Facebook Cover Photo Size?

In the newest version of Facebook, the best cover photo size is 820 pixels wide by 462 pixels tall.

Facebook cover photo examples

Your image will display differently on desktop and mobile, but if you want to use the same image for each display, 82ox462 pixels will give you the best results no matter where your page is displayed.

How to Create a Facebook Cover Photo

1. Choose or Upload an Image

First, open Shutterstock Editor. Click on the My Content (M) icon on the left sidebar. Choose “Uploads” > “Upload an Image” to edit an image from your hard drive, or simply drag the image onto the canvas. You can also browse for an image from the Shutterstock collection using the Search (S) tab on the left sidebar. I’m choosing this colorful illustration of people from Shutterstock.

Select an image to use on Facebook cover photo
Illustration via miniwide

2. Select the Facebook Cover Photo Preset Size

Next, click on the Preset Sizes icon on the left side of the screen (or press the P key). Select “Facebook Cover” from the Editor presets section. If you’d like to apply a pre-made template to your image, press the T key to move to the Templates section, and choose a template from the list. Many of these templates are free, but the ones marked “Pro” require an Editor Pro membership. Now, drag the image to adjust its placement within the new dimensions. You can also drag the corners to resize the image. I dragged my image right of center because I’m going to place a text box on the left side of the canvas.

Select Facebook cover photo preset size

To add a shape to your design, navigate to the Elements (H) menu on the left sidebar, and select Shapes. Choose the shape you want to add, and then drag to corners to resize it. You can change the fill color, stroke color, and opacity on the right sidebar.

3. Add Text

If you’d like to add text, click on the T icon (or press the A key). There are some text templates to choose from, or you can also add a simple headline, subheadline, or body text. I chose a text template with the font Libre Baskerville. Play around with color, placement, and letter spacing to get the look yo want.

Add text to image in Shutterstock Editor

4. Add Finish Touches, Like a Logo

To finish up the cover photo, I added the logo for this pretend company. That’s not essential, since the logo can also appear in your company page profile picture. To add your logo, upload it to My Content (M).

Add finishing touches to Facebook cover photo

When you’re happy with the custom cover photo, click the “Download” button to license and imagery you used from the Shutterstock collection, and save the design to your hard drive. Save it as a JPEG at 72 DPI, which is optimal for web. Now you’re ready to upload it to Facebook!

final facebook cover photo example

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