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Consumers might navigate to your business’s Facebook page for a variety of reasons, whether it’s to find out more about your business or simply to support your brand. It is your hub on the social network, and the cover image is the first thing users see when they visit. A great Facebook cover might convince them to engage and hit like, and even better, help them to convert, whether it’s on a promotion or a purchase they’ve been considering for a while.

Your Facebook cover is a huge blank canvas, and there are a million creative ways to utilize the space in order to inform, engage, and delight users while establishing your brand identity. In this article, we’ve listed 25 Facebook cover ideas that will transform your profile in 2018.

1. Create a seamless blend

facebook cover ideas
Image via Facebook/Fanta

Facebook covers are separate from profile pictures, but if you follow this tutorial, you can blend the two into a larger design. The result is a thoughtful – and sleek – portrayal of your brand. Fanta executes this concept perfectly with their cover photo. The Fanta logo blends into the background, revealing a soda bottle and a captivating cartoon scene.  

2. Use giant type

facebook covers
Image via Facebook/Pepsi

Get your message across with some bold text on a contrasting background. Stick to single words or short phrases that hit home on a brand message, but don’t overdo it. The text should be short, readable, and meant for impact. In this example, Pepsi shares their ad campaign tagline, “Live For Now,” with images of people having fun.

3. Display your product in clever ways

Screenshot via Facebook/Nutella

Page visitors want to see how your product fits into their lives, and you can use the cover photo to show fun examples. The Nutella Facebook page has many cool recipes and ideas for the hazelnut chocolate spread, and their cover photo reflects that creative spirit as well.   

4. Showcase a pattern

Screenshot via Facebook/The Good Twin

Symbols and shapes can be tiled into a cool pattern, which can be used to represent your brand. Anyone can understand symbols, so they’re a smart way to communicate complex ideas. There are millions of patterns to choose from on Shutterstock – find one that fits the look and feel of your brand. In this example, paper goods brand The Good Twin uses lips, stars, trees, and feathers in a playful pattern.

5. Introduce real people

Screenshot via Facebook/St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital  

Share a photo that represents the change your organization brings into the world. In this example, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital introduces Lillian, a beautiful young patient at St. Jude’s. There’s also a brief message that summarizes the hospital’s mission for cancer treatment.

6. Get colorful

Screenshot via Facebook/Edible Arrangements

Depending on your small business, you can attract attention with a vibrant Facebook cover. In the case of Edible Arrangements (a fruit arrangement company), this was a no-brainer. Their Facebook cover showcases a gorgeous (and delicious) fruit medley, staged with flip-flops and sunglasses for summertime.

7. Consider the layout

Screenshot via Facebook/Levi’s

Facebook pages are designed with the main profile photo on the left side, so you may want to select a cover that is weighted on the right. This looks more balanced and aesthetically pleasing. In this example, Levi’s uses a photo of models in a city scene, as well as a muted photo of the cityscape. As you can see, the model photo is set on the right, putting more weight on that side.

8. Use gradients

Screenshot via Facebook/Slingshot

For a more minimalist effect, choose a soft gradient that matches your brand’s color scheme. Slingshot’s Facebook page is all about gradients, with a rainbow sphere for their logo and a mesmerizing gradient that spans their entire cover image.

9. Share more details

Screenshot via Facebook/Avalon Emerson

Performing artists can harness the Facebook cover to tell fans about upcoming shows, album release dates, or promotions. If you go this route, make sure you update often – a page can look stagnant if you’re still highlighting a release date from 6 months ago! In this example, dance music producer Avalon Emerson updates her cover with tour dates for the month, using retro computer text.

10. Welcome new visitors

Screenshot via Facebook/LACMA 

Your Facebook cover can serve as a brief introduction for people who don’t know your story. In the case of LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art), the “Urban Light” installation is probably the most popular and iconic piece in the museum. They’ve featured “Urban Light” as their Facebook cover, so that visitors see a familiar visual.

11. Harness negative space

Screenshot via Facebook/Sony 

A cluttered Facebook cover may overwhelm your visitors before they’ve had a chance to explore the rest of your page. Keep things clean and minimal by maximizing the negative space around text or within images. In this example, Sony shows off their newest products, while leaving plenty of space in between.

12. Buy it now!

Screenshot via Facebook/Pringles

Use your Facebook cover for a simple call to action. This works especially well if you’re running a promotion and can call out a giveaway or discount. Don’t get too flashy with the sales visuals – keep them tasteful so that they still mesh with your overall brand. You can also come up with clever instructions, as Pringles has with their friendly cover image.

13. Share your wares

Screenshot via Facebook/Starbucks

If you’re a company that sells physical products, you can show them off with a Facebook cover design. Don’t clutter the design with too many images, though. It’s better to feature one or two products in context rather than plain product photos on an isolated background. In this example, Starbucks shows a close-up photo of two women enjoying iced drinks, with the Starbucks logo and trademark green straw on full display.

14. Get a laugh

Screenshot via Facebook/Fresh Brothers

Some businesses can benefit from having a little fun with their Facebook cover. If you’re looking for a personal touch, humor always cuts through the noise. It’s a great chance to show some personality and entertain your customers. Fresh Brothers (a pizza chain) understands this, and their Facebook cover shows a Pac Man-shaped pizza eating pepperonis.

15. Show your best work

Screenshot via Facebook/Threadless

Artists and graphic designers can use their Facebook cover as a digital gallery for their latest work. Feature one of the most striking, or make a grid out of a few pieces. In the case of Threadless, their entire company is about showcasing independent artists, and their Facebook cover is no different.

16. Preview your design

Screenshot via Facebook/TIME

If you’re running a magazine page, you can show visitors a few exceptional page layouts in the Facebook cover. Think of it like a trailer for the main event. In this example, Time showcases some of their best magazine covers from the past century.

17. Go geometric

Screenshot via Facebook/Lululemon

Simple shapes can strike an impressive figure on your Facebook page, especially if your brand relies on a geometric style. Since Lululemon is a popular brand for workout attire, their cover photo depicts a dancer stretching her body into a T shape. The cover shows off the clothing, and her leg stretch points to the Lululemon logo as well.

18. Contrast

Screenshot via Facebook/Audio-Technia USA

If you have a clean logo, try pairing it with a rough illustration. Likewise, if you’re using an organic font, pair it with some modern design flair. You can also try contrasting colors in your profile picture and cover image for a bold introduction to your brand. In this example, a pair of sleek Audio-Technica headphones stand out from the busy mixing board.

19. Smartphone theme

Screenshot via Facebook/Ticketmaster

Mobile apps are incredibly important in today’s digital economy, and you can use a Facebook cover to showcase new app features and updates. In this example, Ticketmaster has created a graphic with multiple phones, and each display is showing a different aspect of the mobile experience.

20. Share an incredible experience

Screenshot via Facebook/Airbnb

Millennials tend to care much more about experiences than possessions. Show them a good time, and they’ll fall in love with your brand. Airbnb understands this well, and they’ve incorporated some unbelievable properties into their marketing campaigns. In their latest Facebook cover, they’ve showcased a geodesic dome in the desert, during a solar eclipse.

21. Introduce your fanbase

Screenshot via Facebook/SmartPak

Even though SmartPak is the largest equestrian retailer in America, they’ve still tailored their Facebook page for horse lovers. Their cover photo is a tapestry of riders with their horses, and it visualizes the company’s “healthy horses, happy riders” slogan perfectly.

22. Promote product features

Screenshot via Facebook/Clarisonic

With simple icons and concise phrases, you can highlight a product’s core benefits so that you reach a target audience. In this example, Clarisonic shows how their electric brushes are more effective at applying and removing make-up.

23. Support a cause

Screenshot via Facebook/Children’s Defense Fund 

When you want to shed light on an important social issue, you can boost awareness with a targeted Facebook cover. This example shows the Children’s Defense Fund’s mission statement, so that you get a better understanding of where your donations will go.

24. Take a minimalist approach

Screenshot via Facebook/Stella & Dot 

White space can be powerful, especially if it draws attention to a sophisticated product or logo. Try a white texture or pattern for a minimalist look with a bit more interest. In this example, boutique apparel company Stella & Dot show off their chic wares on a bright white backdrop.

25. Stand out

Screenshot via Facebook/Old Spice

With a bold and unexpected cover, you can grab visitors’ attention and draw them into your world. In recent years, Old Spice has made absurdity part of their brand, and their Facebook cover takes manliness to another level. With flexing animals, a helicopter shooting lasers at sharks, and a cowboy riding an eagle, they’ve become a reliable source for meme-inspired entertainment.

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Top image by Julia Tim.