Last month, we unveiled Shutterstock Music to the world, and as of today, the new marketplace is accessible to all users of You can now search music from anywhere in the Shutterstock site, so as you begin exploring, we wanted to share some more specifics about the new site experience.

Your Music Discovery Tools

We know that trying to describe music is difficult, so we decided to focus on a curated browse experience, featuring music handpicked by experts with a focus on sync uses. We also made mood, genre, and tempo prevalent, because many customers we spoke with used those filters as their first step to discovery.

You can browse by 48 moods and more than a dozen genres to discover the music you need — and, of course, you can search by keyword, too.

Listen and Save

When designing the player, we wanted to keep the playback experience centered on the page, while still providing a global player as you browse the site. We landed on the idea of an inline player that sticks to the top/bottom of the site when you scroll; we’re still experimenting with this, but we’re really excited about it.

Our player lets you listen to full-length previews clearly, without interference from an audio watermark, and it will follow you while you browse music, making it easy to listen to your last selected track. Just click anywhere on the player bar to play, and “drop the needle” to hear the parts you want to hear. You can use the waveform shape to anticipate louder or softer passages in the music.

When you find tracks you like, save them to a Soundbox to review later, compare with your other discoveries, and share with colleagues.

We’ll be continuously improving the site to include the features that are most important to you. If you have feedback, please help us shape the future of Shutterstock Music by using the feedback tab available on every page.