Based on the southeast coast of England, photographer Mark Bridger documents wildlife in its natural habitat — quite often with his five-year-old son along for the adventure. Bridger is somewhat new to the world of photography, having only pursued the interest in the last six years, since his wife gave him a Canon 40D for his 40th birthday. That gift resulted in the discovery of an eye for photographic detail, complementing his background in color correction and a tendency toward subtle humor.

Small blue green frog on a stick by Mark Bridger

Each of Bridger’s images captures a unique perspective on an otherwise banal moment in the lives of the animals, birds, and bugs he spends hours observing. His photography takes on a life of its own, whether it’s set in the misty mornings of the forest, sundown in the wheat fields, or on an international adventure to other environs. All the while, his subjects are going about their normal day, allowing him the opportunity to shoot these rare moments for others to experience.

Silhouette of a red deer by Mark Bridger

With a particular affinity for deer, Bridger has come to know the wild herds of fallow and red does and stags in his area, and through his photography, shares their lives with us. Check out more images from Bridger’s collection below, and visit the Shutterstock Panorama™ site to read his full story.

A cute little harvest mouse by Mark Bridger

Big male giraffe against a blue mountain by Mark Bridger

Tree nymph butterfly by Mark Bridger

Close portrait of a red fox by Mark Bridger

Little owls on a fence post by Mark Bridger

Red-eyed tree frog in an exotic plant by Mark Bridger

Kingfisher by Mark Bridger

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Top image: Five fallow deer on a frosty morning by Mark Bridger