Sometimes a project calls for images that are graphically strong, but don’t compete with the message on the page (or screen) — times when less clutter is essential for focused branding.

Inspired by Minimalism in art and design, and a pared-down aesthetic highlighting abstracted shapes through bold (often primary) colors, we’ve rounded up a collection of images that emphasize the beauty in simplicity.

Scroll down to see 9 of our favorites, then head on over to our featured lightbox, “Keep It Simple,” for more bold images worth a second (or third or fourth) look.

mazura1989 | Modern interior table and chairs

margo_black | Creative make-up of woman in fashion

Sean Gladwell | Lemon background 

 Sergiu Ungureanu | Swimming pool with beach chairs

happydancing | Fresh strawberry background

Radek Standera | Minimalistic autumn landscape

 Max Krasnov | Monochrome seamless tech pattern

Africa Studio | Person blowing bubble with chewing gum 

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Top image: Black and white pencil composition by Balogh Tamas