Equality is a force behind many of history’s biggest moments, from hard-fought battles for acceptance to sustained struggles for peace. These causes are never about achieving sameness, but about celebrating and respecting difference. In the creative world, where diversity – in craft and creed – makes each of us unique, equality ensures that our ideas and our work are treated fairly.

In partnership with CreativeMornings’ July theme, Equality, we’re looking at the differences that set us apart and the humanity that ultimately binds us together.

Explore these 10 photos that visualize CreativeMornings’ July theme. Then head over to our curated collection to see the entire set. If you attend your local CreativeMornings this month, you may get to see these images projected on the big screen.

Image by MJgraphics

Pictured: [1] Image by rob zs [2] Image by Leremy

Image by Rawpixel.com

Pictured: [1] Image by miroslav110 [2] Image by Alexander Kirch

Image by John Arehart

Pictured: [1] Image by Anatoli Styf [2] Image by Rawpixel.com

Image by yurgo

About CreativeMornings: CreativeMornings is a free breakfast event series that connects and celebrates the creative community in 170+ cities worldwide. Morning people convene once a month on a Friday to hear an inspiring talk and meet like-minded individuals. As their Official Partner for Visual Inspiration, Shutterstock provides CreativeMornings with access to vast visual resources and supports their growth worldwide.

Top image by stournsaeh