Try out these simple design tips to create stylish and clickable end screens that turn casual viewers into loyal subscribers.

When a viewer finishes one of your videos on Youtube, where do they go next? An end screen helps you hold that individual’s attention for a little longer, promoting more videos from your channel or encouraging a subscription.

A valuable marketing tool for budding channel owners, end screens can be created using Youtube’s default templates or you can design your own unique end screen layouts, using your own branding, images, and fonts to create a professional and click-worthy end screen.

Learn to create effective and stylish Youtube end screens to improve conversion and viewer rates to your Youtube videos.

What is an End Screen?

An end screen is a card that can be added to the last 5-20 seconds of a Youtube video. End screens can feature a mix of static, video, and link-based content. They allow you to promote up to four elements, including:

  • Another video or playlist
  • A subscription button or link
  • Merchandise, a website, or a crowdfunding campaign

End screens are a useful tool for extending the watch time on your channel and prolonging engagement with the viewer. In other words, a viewer is more likely to watch more of your videos and subscribe to your channel if an end screen prompts them to do so. 

Design Unique and Stylish End Screens for Your YouTube Channel — End Screens Include up to Four Elements
An end screen can feature up to four promoted elements, including videos, subscription button and links.

Use an end screen as a marketing tool for your channel by including one or several call to actions (CTA). A CTA helps direct the viewer towards doing something, usually a click towards the next item of content. An end screen CTA could be a clickable “Subscribe” button, or a link to a social media account or ecommerce store.

You can design an end screen using default options available in Youtube’s Creator Studio, or create your own.

Although it’s fine to use templates by Youtube, creating your own end screen gives your channel a professional edge. It also gives you more control over the design and branded appearance of the card.

Here, we’ll look at how to upload your own end screen designs. We’ll also explore some failsafe layout options for designing your own end screens.

Design Unique and Stylish End Screens for Your YouTube Channel — End Screens Give Your Channel a More Polished and Professional Look
A purposefully-designed end screen can help give your videos a polished look and a high-conversion boost.

What Size is an End Screen?

The maximum dimension for an end screen is 3840 x 2160 pixels, with an aspect ratio of 16:9. It’s best practice to design your screen to the maximum dimension possible. This ensures the graphic still looks crisp and clear on large TV and desktop screens.

Design Unique and Stylish End Screens for Your YouTube Channel — What Size is an End Screen?

Subscription buttons (which you can add to end screen templates in Youtube Studio) automatically use your channel icon. Or, instead you can choose a custom image that must have a minimum size of 150 x 150 pixels. The subscription button image is round, so keep this in mind when preparing your image.

How Do I Add an End Screen to my Youtube Video?

End screens are easy to add or create using the Editor interface in Youtube Studio. 

On your Youtube account go to Youtube Studio and open the Videos page. Click on the video you would like to add the end screen to. In the screen that opens, choose Editor from the left-hand menu.

To the left of the video’s timeline, you will see the End Screen icon. Click the “+” icon to the right of this to add an end screen. 

Design Unique and Stylish End Screens for Your YouTube Channel — How to Add an End Screen to a Video

You will then be prompted to choose a template from the options on Youtube. Or, you can create a new end screen template by selecting More > Apply template.

Add elements (such as next video, subscription link, etc) by applying a template or by selecting + Element on the end screens row of the Editor. You can also add a new element by clicking into an empty element bar on the end screen row.

You can also add and customise end screens while uploading a new video in Youtube Studio.

What Should I Include On my End Screen?

Designing your own end screen gives you plenty of flexibility and freedom in the way layout looks. If you are willing to spend significant time editing your video and creating well-designed cards or animations for it, it only makes sense to give the final twenty seconds of your video the same treatment.

A custom end screen will not only look better, it also increases your chance of converting viewers into repeat-viewers, subscribers, or visitors to your website.

Design Unique and Stylish End Screens for Your YouTube Channel — What to Include on an End Screen
Use eye-catching backgrounds, photos, text and color to make your end screen stand out.

If you want to design your own end screen, there are a few simple rules to keep in mind:

  • You can include up to four elements on the screen. However, effective end screens focus on featuring only one or two elements to help direct the user efficiently. Screens that look cluttered with too many different elements risk confusing the viewer, leading them to click on a different video in the sidebar or leave Youtube altogether!
  • You should always aim to include a video from your channel as one of the elements on the end screen. This is because that’s precisely what viewers are here for—to watch videos! Choose one of your highest-converting videos to feature on the card. You can find out which of your videos won you the most subscribers from the YouTube Watch Page section of your YouTube subscriber report.
  • The design of your end screen is pivotal to ensuring subscriber conversion or clicks. Bold color, legible type, and visual cues directing the eye towards CTAs all lead to a quick decision to click.

How Should I Design the Layout of My End Screen?

You can create your own end screen template using any 2D design software, such as Photoshop or InDesign, and upload them to Youtube as a JPEG, GIF, or PNG file.

Any video content and links will be added to the end screen in Youtube Editor. So, at the initial design stage all you need to worry about is creating an eye-catching and effective static layout. 

Design Option A: One to Two Elements

Some of the most effective end screen designs direct the user to only one or two elements. Opting for this less-is-more approach is effective if you have a particular aim in mind for your end screen. 

For example, for lower-converting videos you may want to include a number of videos on the end screen to give the viewer more choice and excitement. Entice them to click on one of the videos to remain watching and stay on your channel. For higher-converting videos, you may want to maximize the conversion rate by focusing on a subscription CTA, for example, as the main feature of your end screen.

Brands or retail businesses might want to use the end screen to direct the user away from Youtube, onto a business website or ecommerce store. In this case, you could include a single CTA that can consist of a clickable button, text, or image.

This end screen has been designed for the end of a video focusing on a brand’s new collection of childrenwear. The colorful graphic layout reinforces the stylistic theme of the video, while a “Shop Now” button directs the viewer to the brand’s online store.

Design Unique and Stylish End Screens for Your YouTube Channel — Give Your Viewers Clear Direction on the End Screen
Focus on one call-to-action element, such as a subscription button or link, to give your viewers a clear direction.

If you’ve created a series of videos with a logical order, such as a lecture series, it also makes sense to promote the next video in the series. You may want to make this the sole focus on your end screen.

In the example below, a visual cue (the photo of the woman pointing) directs users towards the next video, but also includes a brightly-colored subscription button below. This is a good basic format for end screens that feature two elements, providing a balanced layout and an easy-to-navigate choice between two CTAs.

Design Unique and Stylish End Screens for Your YouTube Channel — Use the Background Image to Give Visual Cues
Using a visual cue in a photo or background image can help to draw the eye towards clickable elements.

Design Option B: Three Elements

If you want to offer viewers more choice at the end of your video, an end screen with three elements provides plenty of content to keep your viewer’s attention. 

While some three-element layouts can appear a little crowded, placing two similar elements (such as a choice of two videos) along with a link or subscription button, is a failsafe way of keeping your end screen looking stylish and balanced.

In this example, two videos are presented along the top of the layout, with an option to place a link or subscription button below. The background image provides a visual cue towards the button area.

Design Unique and Stylish End Screens for Your YouTube Channel — A Stylish and Balanced End Screen

Here we use a slight twist on the trio of elements. We place two videos over graphics of vintage-inspired polaroid frames and a central subscribe button. 

Design Unique and Stylish End Screens for Your YouTube Channel — Use the Background Image to Frame Your Elements

Subscribe buttons have a default format in Youtube—they are usually circular and pull in your channel icon as the image. However, you can encourage viewers to click by designing around the button. In this case, vivid red text and red circular graphics around the button help to focus attention. Arrows, gradient backgrounds, or graphics that help frame the area around the button are also useful design features for encouraging a click.

Design Option C: Four Elements

While it’s not usually the best option to cram your end screen with the maximum number of elements, there are techniques you can use to keep a four-element layout looking well-balanced. 

The trick here is not to overload the viewer with too many similar elements. Remember that video content isn’t static­—moving imagery puts more stress on the eye than static images. With this in mind, including more than two videos on your end screen might be overwhelming and put off the viewer.  

Here, the end screen features four elements that don’t compete with each other, creating an overall effect of calm. The only text is the logo, which can include a link to the Youtube channel or business website. Above it is a subscription button, which is able to stand out against the desaturated background. Two videos are neatly placed at the left side of the layout. 

Design Unique and Stylish End Screens for Your YouTube Channel — A Desaturated Background Helps Your Elements Stand Out

This style of layout encourages the viewer to focus their attention on either the left or right side of the end screen. While less is usually more, this layout mimics a two-element layout by splitting the layout visually in half. 

Conclusion: How to Create Youtube End Screens That Convert

End screens are often an afterthought for many Youtubers. After spending so much time perfecting your channel art and editing your videos, it’s tempting to dismiss the design of your end screens and opt for a default template in Youtube Studio.

However, thoughtfully designed end screens can be one of the most valuable tools in your video marketing arsenal. They encourage viewers to watch more of your content, visit your channel or website, or subscribe to your channel.

Design Unique and Stylish End Screens for Your YouTube Channel — What End Screens are Good For

In this article we’ve looked at helpful tips for designing your own custom end screen designs, creating a well-balanced and eye-catching layout, whether you opt for one promotional element or four. 

Try testing three or four different end screen layouts across your videos. Learn which design converts more viewers and subscribers over a set period of time. Then, once you’ve identified a high-converting end screen template, you can revisit this design for other videos and roll out the successful design for other content. 

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Design Unique and Stylish End Screens for Your YouTube Channel — Incorporate End Screens into Your Overall Channel Design

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