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The Best Thing I Ever Created: Embracing the Art of Logo Design with Ian Paget

This is the latest in a monthly series in which industry leaders describe the projects and products that give them the most joy and pride. This month, graphic designer Ian Paget shares his passion for the the art of logo design.

I started my design career working for a medical company where a big part of my design role was technical product illustration. It’s something I love doing, but I wanted to do more with my design career. I moved on to an eCommerce agency that was more creatively rewarding, where I was working on web design for companies ranging from established blue chip to small start-ups.

The new role lacked the illustration I loved, but I enjoyed the technical aspect of the design work – planning the website’s structure, considering how people would interact with it, and learning ways to increase the overall goal fulfillment. I missed the illustration, but from time to time companies needed new logos so I had the opportunity once again to make use of my skills.

I enjoyed designing logos from day one. It fascinated me how much a tiny logo could communicate, and how it could so heavily influence anything else designed for that company. It felt like it offered endless possibilities, which excited me.

Handsome hipster modern man designer working home using laptop at home by Eugenio Marongiu

My eyes were open to a fascinating area of design that I was keen to know more about. From that day on I have persisted to learn the art of logo design, learning from books and blogs, and observing what works well and what doesn’t. It consolidates the illustration, technical planning, and problem solving that I loved about different areas of design.

Designing a logo that communicates with simplicity, that works well at any size, and that’s instantly recognizable is quite a challenge. You need to explore the possibilities in detail and continually refine the best ideas into a single ‘perfect’ form. When I finally nail a design and successfully convince the client it’s right for them, I feel immensely proud of my work — especially knowing the research and discovery work that went into the final design.

One logo I’m particularly proud of is one I designed for a start-up based in West Africa called Bathily. The client was immensely happy with the final product, and the logo also won a Visual Identity Gold Award. Bathily is a family-run supply chain that delivers grocery and beauty products to convenience stores, offering a cost-effective service with on-demand delivery times day or night. They have huge growth ambitions, wishing to compete with some of the largest global supply chains.


The final logo included a monogram that captures the speed and convenience of the service. I designed it to look like the rear of an arrow, and the wings of an eagle darting through the streets, whilst forming a distinctly identifiable letter B. The color scheme selected, blue and orange, was introduced to enhance the messaging further, representing the convenient day and night delivery times.

It’s a simple form, but I believe it’s original and distinctly recognizable – even on a moving vehicle. It also works at both small and large sizes as well as in black and white. It makes the company look established and professional, allowing them to take the company to the next level. For me, it’s everything needed for a logo to be successful, and on par with the logos of super brands I’ve learned to love.

Although in my career I’ve been lucky enough to work on some really big projects, it’s the process of discovery and the continued refinements needed to create a simple and distinct logo design that’s given me the most joy in my career. The endless learning opportunities and the possible design routes leave me to believe logo design is one of the most fascinating and rewarding areas of design.

To learn more about Ian, check out his Logo Geek website.

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