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As of January 2017, there are nearly 270 billion emails sent every day. For businesses and organizations that want to stand out in a crowded inbox, this can be a scary statistic. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to make an impact with your emails.

One of the simplest is adding a graphic header to your emails. An email header quickly identifies the sender of the email and helps it stand out from the rest of pack. As a result,  readers may be inclined to spend more time with it. Use these tips to design a great email header that keeps people engaged with your content or product.

Add Images

The right image can go a long way towards making your email more memorable. The right image can communicate a lot and give people an idea of your business and the brand. Make sure that the image you choose are high quality. You don’t want your recipient getting distracted by a header image that is out of focus, poorly cropped, or otherwise not up to technical standards.

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Keep it Simple

The best email headers are ones that can be processed at a glance. Too much text or a dense collage of images often distract from the content of the email and can even be off-putting for the recipient. The best headers generally use one or two clear images and no more than three or four words of text. In addition, make sure that all the fonts you use are readable and you choose a clear and intuitive layout.

Remain Consistent

Keep your email header consistent with the rest of your branding. If you have company colors, incorporate them into the header if possible. When including your company logo, make sure that it is rendered clearly and consistently. You can change things up a little to fit the format, but the core elements of your header should be immediately identify as something that is coming from your company.

Make it Look Professional

Email headers shouldn’t be thrown together quickly or without regard for graphic design. Take time to choose the right image for your header. Here’s where the huge library of photographs and images from Shutterstock can help. Once you have the perfect picture, find someone with professional graphic design skills to put your header together. An individual with the right experience will ensure that your header is aesthetically pleasing and conveys the message you want to get across.

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Once your header is finished, you can insert it into the body of the email as an image. However, be aware that not all readers have their email clients configured to view embedded images. Make sure that essential information is included in the header is also in the email text to avoid losing out on readers who don’t or can’t view images.

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