Hi Footage Submitters! We’ve noticed an increase in editorial video submissions, so we would like to share the following pointers with everyone. We’re going to share some examples of what not to shoot, and what to shoot, to improve your acceptance rate.

As a general rule, all footage clips of people and recognizable places should have model and/or property releases, except for editorial footage, a category reserved for newsworthy events. Before submitting a clip as editorial, ask yourself, is this newsworthy? If not, don’t submit it as editorial.

If you are interested in shooting editorial footage of newsworthy events such as concerts, you should consider joining the Shutterstock on the Red Carpet program.

The following kinds of videos should NOT be submitted as editorial footage:

(1) An event from a secretive angle in the audience.
* DO sign up for the On The Red Carpet program to try and obtain credential access for cool events worldwide.

(2) Recognizable persons in audience (crowd scenes).
* DO blur faces and trademarks and obtain property releases, whenever necessary/possible.
See an example of an acceptable clip here.

(3) Private shows and/or performances on private property without permission. This includes, but is not limited to: aquariums, museums, amusement parks, indoor concerts, and fairs/festivals requiring admission.
* DO shoot cleanly silhouetted figures, below the shoulders, non-trademarked objects and close-ups.
See some examples of acceptable clips here, here, here and here.

(4) Private parties and/or celebrations, such as weddings and birthday parties, without releases.
* DO obtain video model releases from each person at parties since model releases are required for all recognizable persons featured in a clip.
See some examples of footage submissions with releases here and here.

(5) Sporting events/trade shows shot without proper credentials. Insignia, logos and numbers on competitors are all indicators of an “event” that you need a credential to shoot at.
* DO cite credentials in your submission and remove any copyrighted audio like you would any non-editorial clip.
See some examples acceptable editorial footage submissions here and here.