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Duda, a leading website creation platform, has integrated the Shutterstock API to help users create greater volumes of high performing websites

Effective websites are not accidents. Behind every high performing website is a person or a team that has taken the effort to craft the perfect experience for their target audience. However, for marketing agencies that create websites for a number of clients, this process can be time-consuming.

To help agencies, digital publishers, and hosting companies create effective websites at scale, Duda has created an easy-to-use website creation platform that is fully customizable, automates mobile-friendly design, and supports e-commerce capabilities. In August 2017, Duda dramatically increased its image library through an integration with the Shutterstock API.

With more options come more creative flexibility. Agencies can now browse the Shutterstock library of over 200 million images, with more than one million fresh assets added per week, to find the perfect visual directly in Duda’s interface.

Since the majority of Duda users are creating websites on behalf of their clients, the Shutterstock API allows them to preview images with zero commitment. This means that projects can be mocked up and previewed with clients to make sure that all visuals are approved before purchasing the license for use in the final project.

With an extensive library of professional images at their fingertips, Duda users can create websites with the confidence that they’ll always have the perfect images to meet every client need.

Contact us to learn how the Shutterstock API can increase user confidence for your platform.

Cover image by AnBoy

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