Blog Home Video Production Get Footage on Your Device with the Shutterstock Mobile App

With Shutterstock’s footage library available on your mobile device, the creative possibilities are endless.

Creating awesome, engaging video content on your phone is easier and faster than ever — you can now search, save, and license footage directly on your iOS or Android devices with the Shutterstock mobile app.

Social media clips, marketing materials, memes — whatever you’re making, use footage to put your message in motion the moment inspiration strikes, and reach your followers, customers, and friends without ever putting down your phone. The Shutterstock mobile app makes it a breeze.

The way people make and share content is rapidly changing —there’s a push to respond to fast-changing trends while engaging discerning communities with quick and sleek production. We designed the app with these changes in mind, building in tools to help you start, share, and organize projects when you’re away from your desktop. Now, with thousands and thousands of clips a simple tap away, the Shutterstock mobile app is a must-have for mobile-minded creators, marketers, and social media mavens who are never far from their phone.

Swipe and scroll through millions of curated creative assets. Download the perfect videos for your project in SD, HD, and 4K, and find royalty-free images to match. Reach your audience in record time with hassle-free licensing and lightning-quick checkout.

How to Get Footage on the Shutterstock Mobile App

Step 1: Open the App
Once you’ve downloaded the app from Google Play or the App Store, open it on your mobile device and log in using your Shutterstock credentials. If you already have the mobile app, make sure it’s up to date.

If you already have a Shutterstock Footage plan, you’ll see your pack in the app. If you don’t have a pack, no worries – you can purchase single clips in the app as you go. Check out our pricing page to see how you can save on clips with a 5-pack, 10-pack, or 25-pack.

Step 2: Find a clip

To start searching for clips, go to the Footage tab on the Search screen. You can search using relevant keywords, or find hand-picked clips in one of our curated collections.

Step 3: Download the clip

Once you’ve found the right clip, hit download. You’ll be able to select the size of the clip so that it fits your mobile timeline (keep in mind these rules for social media video dimensions).

After you confirm the download, the licensed clip will appear in the Downloads tab on the app. From here, you can save the clip to your device. Once it’s saved, you can share it or add it to your cloud storage to access on your other devices or desktop at any time.

If you’re editing on your device, you can insert the saved clip directly into whatever project you’re working on, or open it in your favorite third-party app to edit it.

Available on Android and iOS, the Shutterstock mobile app is your workflow on the run. It’s your in-the-wild solution to social media uploading woes. It’s the best way to streamline how you share your story. Download the app today to put the power of video in the palm of your hand.