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Do your Valentine’s Day props need a makeover? Try these nine DIY projects and give your Valentine’s Day photography diversity and impact.

With Valentine’s Day a mere two weeks away, now is the time to start photographing new Valentine’s Day content. We’ve gathered some of our favorite DIY Valentine’s Day Props for you to create for your next photoshoot. Whether you are shooting Valentine’s Day stock images, or creating custom photography work for one of your clients (maybe over at Shutterstock Custom), having a few good backdrops and props on hand will make your images stand out.

So without further ado, here are some of our favorite DIY Valentine’s Day props that are both inexpensive and easy to do. Review this list to spark some inspiration to create unique Valentine’s Day stock images.

Idea #1: Flower Heart and Arrow

9 DIY Valentine's Day Props for Your Next Photoshoot — Flower Heart
Image by Floral Deco

This DIY Valentine’s Day prop from A Beautiful Mess should be at the top of your list for your next interior home shoot. It’s a perfect DIY for a backdrop to an intimate Valentine’s Day dinner, or for hanging over the couch for a romantic evening in. Using inexpensive faux flowers from a dollar store, this is an easy-to-do DIY with huge visual impact.

Idea #2: No-Sew Heart Pillows

9 DIY Valentine's Day Props for Your Next Photoshoot — No-Sew Heart Pillow
Image by Igisheva Maria

Easy and inexpensive are two of our favorite words when it comes to DIYs, and the lovely ladies behind Treasures and Travels have surpassed all DIY expectations with this amazing no-sew heart pillow. Lindsay (one of the sisters behind Treasures & Travels) is a talented photographer, Shutterstock Custom contributor, and DIYer who constantly inspires us with her work and endless creativity.

Idea #3: Heart Mobile DIY

We love decorating spaces for themed stock photoshoots, and this super-easy-to-make mobile from Design Love Fest can be placed nearly anywhere in your home. From over the table to above your bed frame, add this mobile to your next romantic propping shoot.

Idea #4: Heart-shaped Bokeh

9 DIY Valentine's Day Props for Your Next Photoshoot — Heart-Shaped Bokeh
Image by udorn_1976

Perfect for photographers of any skill level, this simple Valentine’s Day photography trick gives your photographs huge romantic impact. Bokeh is a photography term that essentially means blur, and blurring your light. For Valentine’s Day, create a heart-shaped cut-out, but repurpose this DIY for virtually any shape you’d like in the future!

Idea #5: Square Photo Backdrop

We’ve already said how much we love custom photo backdrops for our photoshoots, and this super easy square photo backdrop from Lovely Indeed is perfect for any shoot! Taking only three materials and ten minutes to create, make this a priority for your next Valentine’s shoot.

Pro tip? Use this DIY with different colors to match any theme or holiday.

Idea #6: Hanging Flower Heart DIY

9 DIY Valentine's Day Props for Your Next Photoshoot — DIY Hanging Flower Heart
Image by Zamurovik Photography

You might automatically think of flowers when you think of Valentine’s Day, but you don’t have to just limit them to a vase. Make a hanging flower heart for your next photoshoot for a creative way to showcase floral arrangements. Bonus? This DIY from Collective Gen looks just as good dried as it does fresh!

Idea #7: Paint Chip Heart Garland

This super-simple DIY Valentine’s Day Lovely Indeed project for any backdrop photograph is nearly free to create. Pick any color that matches the brief theme, go by your local hardware shop, and you’re good to go.

Idea #8: Glitter Photo Props

9 DIY Valentine's Day Props for Your Next Photoshoot — Glitter Letters
Image by Michelle Patrick

Perfect for cute couple photographs, or as food props for your next food or product photoshoot. Add some sparkles, and create a unique Valentine’s Day glitter message with this do-it-yourself from Studio DIY! From X’s and O’s to messages of love, you can put these on the wall, attach them to dowels, or hang them as a mobile depending on how you want to style them.

Idea #9: Love Statement Garlands

9 DIY Valentine's Day Props for Your Next Photoshoot — Love Statement Garlands
Image from LadyLullaby

Similar to the glitter photo props, create a unique love message for a garland backdrop. Pick your favorite Valentine’s Day message, and craft it to this garland to have a huge visual impact on your next photoshoot. The team at Brit + Co knows what they are talking about!

We hope these DIY Valentine’s Day props and backdrop projects help spark some inspiration for your next romantic shoot. Have any other Valentine’s Day photos you’d like to share? Share them with us on social @ShutterstockContributors by tagging #ShutterstockContributors.

This post was originally published on Shutterstock Custom. Featured Image from Red Cat Studio.

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