Film and video technology is making everything from cameras to gear smaller, more compact, and easier to store. This also makes many items obsolete much more quickly. That being said, filmmakers must often find new and unique ways to store gear without breaking the bank.

Let’s check out some clever do-it-yourself options to store all types of film and video gear.

Mount a snowboard rack for tripods

Too many tripods got you down? In this DIY quick tip tutorial from Lixi Studios, you can see the frustrations of trying to easily store and access tripods. Their solution? Use a cheap, easily installed, snowboard rack, which can tuck tightly away against a wall while giving you full access to your collection of tripods.

Store your light stands using bungee cords

Another trick for storing light stands or tripods, as demonstrated by The Film Look, is to utilize the highly versatile, fun, and cheap option of bungee cords. As you can see in the video, you can use the cords’ flexibility to create ideal storage set-ups for all types of stands. from a few to several dozen.

Build a staging area

In this video by Joshua Klinkenberger, he breaks down how building your own staging area can actually save you space in the long run — as well as make all your gear more accessible and easier to find. He also give some good advice on laying all your gear out to understand exactly what you’ll need to create a blueprint design before diving in. As you can see in the finished product, finding gear (and space) should never be a problem again.

Create a custom gear case

The friendly filmmakers at Film Riot drop some knowledge on how to save money on expensive gear cases by customizing (and basically) making your own online. By using an app designed by My Case Builder, you can actually customize foam inserts in the case of your choice specifically to your cameras, lenses, and miscellaneous gear.

Use golf club travel cases for gear

DIY Tips and Tricks for Storing Video Gear — Golf Club Travel Cases
Image via PremiumBeat.

Another good trick, which you can read more about in this DIY gear hack roundup, is to simply use golf club travel cases for your gear. This works especially well with light stands and tripods, as they’re usually about the same length as golf clubs. You can find cheap and discounted golf cases online and at sporting goods stores.

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Top image by Africa Studio.