Prague-based artist Eugene Ivanov discovered a passion for painting with watercolors and oils during his final year of geophysics studies. While this may seem like a peculiar combination of interests, Ivanov’s artwork actually embodies a rich base of geophysics through its precise cubic features and powerful imagery challenging gravity and the Earth’s shape.

Having experienced major reforms in his native USSR in the early ’90s, Ivanov suddenly had access to information and publications that he had never been exposed to before. He soon learned of artists like Mihail Chemiakin and Marc Chagall, who had a particular impact on his surrealistic style and craft.

“You can’t read one book and then paint or draw. It doesn’t work like that,” Ivanov tells us in his profile for Shutterstock Panorama™, our weekly initiative featuring 52 Shutterstock contributors from 52 countries around the world throughout 2015. Ivanov’s strong work ethic and persistent sketching, drawing, and painting are clear as day in his artwork.

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All images by Eugene Ivanov. Top image: Allegory of poet