Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Palette, a new multi-color image discovery tool that allows you to explore and discover images based on custom color schemes.

Shutterstock aims to make image search a creative and enjoyable experience. About a year ago, we launched Spectrum, our first tool that allows you to find images by color. Since then, our teams have continued to explore color search and prototype new experiences with direct customer input. The result is Palette, the newest addition to Shutterstock Labs.

Get inspired with unique color palettes

Opening up new possibilities for your work, Palette presents a wealth of custom color palettes to use as a guide. It also allows you to discover images that match a selection of colors you’ve already chosen, whether you’re following your own aesthetic or working within brand guidelines. Palette also helps designers find the most popular color combinations based on behavioral data we collect.

The Palette homepage features specially curated palettes that offer a unique way to search the collection and help with the discovery of great images. Start to explore our image library through these curated palettes, further customizing the color combinations as you go — or by building your own palettes from scratch. As with an actual artist’s palette, every color you add opens up new possibilities.

If the color scheme of a particular image strikes you as ideal, simply click on the palette below it and you can filter more than 35 million images in the Shutterstock collection to find more inspiring options with the same colors.

Innovation meets exploration

We’re always working to innovate on behalf of our customers and to create new tools for creatives that provide the best Shutterstock experience. Palette is an especially useful tool during the ideation phase of a new project, helping you discover the right colors for your work and aiding in the creation of moodboards.

For even more inspiration, you can enter a keyword into Palette’s search engine to see the most relevant palettes for that keyword. This data-driven insight is something you won’t find anywhere else.

Palette is also fully responsive and mobile-friendly, meaning that you can get the same immersive experience on your phone or tablet. As we refined this amazing new tool in our customer research, we heard again and again how liberating it was to explore the collection purely through color, without relying on keywords.

Try it out for yourself and start exploring!