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Detailed Digital Paintings by Bangkok Artist Tithi Luadthong

There are many ways to turn a piece of art into a digital asset, and there’s also much to discover about the different types of imagery that artists create for the Shutterstock collection. One of our contributors, Tithi Luadthong, shows just how unique online art can be, with a detailed collection of digital paintings. What once existed as a watercolor painting, meant for being hung on a wall, can now exist in a digital format.

Read on for insight into this Bangkok, Thailand artist’s creative process, and see more in Luadthong’s full collection.


Shutterstock: What’s your process like for creating these images?

Tithi Luadthong: I created these images by using existing pictures as well as sketches on paper. It’s really easy and quick if I’m using just the existing picture, because I can just add ideas to it. It already has the colors, so all I need to do is adjust the tone and draw over it so that the old picture is no longer recognizable. As a result, you get a slightly more realistic feeling.

If I want to draw something, I’ll sketch first. It’s a little bit more difficult to choose the colors to fit the subject because there is no starting point — no colors for reference, only a blank paper. However, the advantage of working with drawings is that I have the freedom to create from scratch and there’s no need to stick to the contents of a pre-existing picture. This gives me the chance to add new ideas and creativity.



How do you decide what you’re going to photograph/paint?

TL: When I have a new idea to paint or photograph, I step outside and I imagine if I were seeing this place differently. I ask myself what it would look like as a painting. What I see really motivates me to create new ideas for my work.

Where do most of your digital paintings take place (as in, where are the landscapes — in places that you live, or all around the world via travels)?

TL: My paintings can be divided into two categories: cityscapes and landscapes. For cityscapes, I used some pictures from places I’d visited during my travels, like Hongkong and Thailand. For landscapes, all the paintings are set in Thailand.



What are your favorite color palettes to use when creating artwork?

TL: I can’t specify what kind of colors I use in my artworks. It depends on the colors of the existing picture as well. Even monotone artwork can use color additions in order to achieve the right tone, so it’s kind of free-choice when it comes to choosing those colors.

What other forms of art do you like to create?

TL: My other favorites forms of art include sci-fi and cyberpunk styles. If possible, I would like to create more of those artworks because the contents can vary.



Many of your image include “abstract” in their titles — how do you approach making these otherwise realistic images abstract? Where do those ideas come from?

TL: The abstract artworks are derived from realistic paintings, by adding more ideas. I create my work by using methods like deleting some shapes, adding more colors, using new techniques, and replacing components in the picture.

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Top image: Young couple in love by Tithi Luadthong

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