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Working from home doesn’t mean losing productivity. Check out these design collaboration tools to ensure you and your team stay on top of the creative game.

As more and more creative teams switch over to working remotely, it’s important to ensure that all team members feel prepared for the transition to working from home. Meetings, conferences, brainstorming sessions, and get-togethers that were face-to-face now rely on online tools and softwares.

Finding the right collaboration tool is the key to shifting smoothly from an office environment to an at-home environment. Whether your team needs a digital whiteboard to bounce ideas off of each other or a project management tool that tracks each assignment from start to finish, it’s crucial to find what works best for your business and workflow.

1. Shutterstock Collections

Finding the right stock images to use in a design project can be time-consuming on its own, especially if you’re still in the brainstorming stage. Shutterstock’s Collections tool enables you to add stock images to specified folders and share them with others at the click of a button.

The Best Design Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams — Shutterstock Collections
Images via TaraPatta, Zahrotul Fuadah, RODINA OLENA, newcorner, geen gaphy, and zlyuchaya_sova.

If your team already has access to a Shutterstock account, you can easily access the Collections by clicking on the profile icon at the top of the page. If you’re searching for stock images for a certain project and want to share ideas with others, simply add their email and enable editing. Shutterstock Collections makes it easy for others to collaborate, add to specific projects, and help find inspiration for future projects.

2. Asana

Asana is one of the best tools for project and task management. Its versatile interface allows remote teams to easily track down project deadlines and details while keeping up-to-date on future timelines. Asana also contains multiple features to simplify work requests, automate due dates, and integrate across over 100 platforms, including Slack and Gmail.

The Best Design Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams — Asana
Asana integrates across multiple platforms. Image via Asana.

3. Basecamp

Similar to Asana, Basecamp is a project management site that is ideal for remote teams. While working exclusively online can be hectic and full of uncertainty, Basecamp provides tools and features to iron out the details and simplify your workflow. With Basecamp, you can track to-dos, deadlines, documents, and files while also communicating with your remote team members through message boards and group chats.

The Best Design Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams — Basecamp
Stay connected through Bootcamp. Image via Basecamp.

4. Slack

Communication is key when working from home. Many global companies rely on Slack to ensure teams can effectively interact and collaborate no matter where they are in the world. Featuring channels, direct messaging, app integration, file sharing, and video calling, Slack is a go-to collaboration and communication tool for any remote team.

The Best Design Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams — Slack
Keep international teammates in the loop with Slack. Image via Slack.

5. Zoom

As mandatory work-from-home policies take place, video conferencing is becoming a necessary tool for communication and collaboration. Zoom is the software of choice for interacting with remote team members.

The Best Design Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams — Zoom
Zoom is a handy app for video conferences and presentations.

While text messaging is a great way to interact with your fellow coworkers, video conferencing is fundamental for presenting ideas, suggestions, and feedback to others. With Zoom’s simple but powerful tools, you can host meetings, schedule events, and share presentation slides. Users can also engage in messaging, upload virtual backgrounds, and more.

6. Trello

Keeping your projects and tasks organized is crucial for transitioning to remote work. Trello‘s simple but effective interface makes it easy for team members to track assignments and deadlines, attach files, comment on cards, organize project topics, and integrate with other applications.

The Best Design Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams — Trello
Collaborate on your team’s workflow with Trello. Image via Trello.

Multiple teams can toggle between Trello boards and add to Trello cards as projects are assigned. By consolidating projects and tasks to cards and boards, anyone can easily visualize the current workflow.

7. Dropbox

Keeping files and documents accessible yet secure is a must for creative remote teams. Dropbox is a cloud-based tool that enables teams to upload, store, and share files and documents.

The Best Design Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams — Dropbox
Share files with your collaborators through Dropbox. Image via Dropbox.

In addition to its file-sharing abilities, Dropbox features an extension called Paper. With Dropbox Paper, remote teams can work together in real-time by planning future projects, tracking deadlines and workflow, and starting creative briefs.

8. InVision

While InVision is known for its powerful prototyping platform Studio, it also features tools to ensure seamless communication and collaboration between team members and clients alike. InVision’s Freehand extension allows team members to comment, provide feedback, and collaborate by drawing, writing, and sketching on the interactive prototype.

The Best Design Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams — InVision
InVision keeps clients and creators in contact. Image via InVision.

Alongside Freehand, InVision also features the Boards tool where team members can create moodboards, presentations, photo galleries, and more. Compiling inspiration with others is essential to creating the most optimal user experience.

9. Mural

Whiteboards are a practical way of jotting down ideas, brainstorming, making connections, and planning projects. While working remotely poses some barriers to the traditional whiteboard process, Mural overcomes them with the help of a digital whiteboard.

The Best Design Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams — Mural
Try Mural if you think your team could benefit from a digital whiteboard. Image via Mural.

Mural’s digital whiteboard allows multiple team members to add sticky notes, upload files and media, and organize ideas alongside diagrams and templates that can be used for a variety of online brainstorming sessions.

10. GoVisually

Tracking down design feedback through endless messages and emails can be a tiring task. GoVisually‘s streamlined interface allows designers and supervisors to accurately review client feedback, annotate multiple file formats, and organize projects.

The Best Design Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams — GoVisually
Use GoVisually to keep track of client feedback. Image via GoVisually.

GoVisually also allows teams to manage tasks, feedback, and projects all in one place, ensuring a simplified workflow for all members involved.

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