Our annual Creative Trends Infographic uses data to predict the creative trends that will shape 2016. We look at global and local developments to see what’s on the rise in design, video, music, and social media; to illustrate these trends, we put together 12 unique curated collections from our library of over 70 million images.

See carefully arranged flat lay photos, vivid watercolor illustrations, and celestial geometric vectors, among other trends, in the collections below. Then view the 2016 Creative Trends site to see the data behind each of the year’s top image, video, and music trends.

Global Trends

Explore the top four trends making an impact around the world.

Visual Trends Around the World

From South Korea to Spain, discover what’s on the rise in different countries.


Cultural Trends

Two very different trends dominate our culture this year; the ability to connect and the urge to unplug. As our watches, cars, and homes get smarter, we feel the need to be mindful.

Design Trends

Mix the old with the new in 2016. Material design takes classic design principles and applies them to new technology while watercolors are refreshed for the 21st century.

Social Trends

See the images that will drive shares and likes in 2016.

viral stock photos

Video Trends

The classical elements of fire, water, air, and earth emerged as the biggest video trends for 2016.

Music Trends

Hear fun and positive melodies from the four most popular music genres.

See all the images used in Shutterstock’s 2016 Creative Trends infographic:

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