In this monthly series, our friends at CreativeMornings highlight some of their favorite talks, speakers, and themes. This installment features Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs of popular men’s lifestyle site Street Etiquette.

Taking the stage at Brooklyn’s historic BAM Rose Cinemas last month, Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs spoke on the meaning of heritage in their daily lives. For the two menswear tastemakers, heritage is everything. In their talk, Kissi and Gumbs share their experiences of growing up in the Bronx, figuring out how to maintain a connection to their African roots, and creating what they call a “new heritage” in New York.

Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs, the faces behind Street Etiquette, speaking in New York. Photo by Bekka Palmer.

Kissi recounts a story from his youth of being late to class after encountering people from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, telling his teacher, “I’m late because of New York’s cultural exchanges!” Those exchanges are what paved the way for Street Etiquette, a men’s lifestyle website that expresses this new culture — a melting pot of old and new urban perspectives.

These perspectives are embodied in the photos and videos that grace the blog’s homepage, depicting the way Kissi and Gumbs see the world around them.

Photo by Bekka Palmer.

“We started Street Etiquette because we felt that we had something to give back to the world,” explains Gumbs. “When we saw that people actually liked it, we thought that maybe this was something we could do [full-time].”

In this talk, the duo recounts lessons in learning how to price and present themselves, and how they hope to inspire their readers to be a generation of doers — people who don’t just inactively consume their content, but who also incorporate it into their own lives and help inspire a new way of living.

This CreativeMornings/NewYork event was part of July’s global theme of Heritage, bringing together creative communities across 85+ cities to talk about the intersection of heritage and creativity. Watch more talks on the theme online and find a CreativeMornings chapter near you.