In this monthly series, our friends at CreativeMornings highlight some of their favorite talks, speakers, and themes. This installment features data artist Laurie Frick on making art from the quantified self.

At the Austin chapter of CreativeMornings, artist Laurie Frick speaks on our relationship to our data. Known for her amazing installations, Frick uses self-tracking data to construct hand-built works and installations that imagine a time (not so far from now) when sensors track and even predict our behavior. With a background in engineering and high-technology, Laurie is no stranger to big data and tackles it head-on.

Some of Laurie Frick's experiments in self-tracking.
Some of Laurie Frick’s experiments in self-tracking.

As part of CreativeMornings’ global theme of “Hidden,” Frick describes our data as “this part of me that’s hidden, this part of me that I don’t notice or see that was maybe richer, and more complex, and more interesting than I could even remember about myself.” Watch the video above to experience her talk for yourself.

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Some sketch notes from the talk by attendee Ami Plasse.
Some sketch notes from the talk by attendee Ami Plasse.