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CreativeMornings Featured Talk: Helena Price on Doing the Work You Love

In this monthly series, our friends at CreativeMornings highlight some of their favorite talks, speakers, and themes. This installment features photographer Helena Price, on her path to discovering creative freedom.

Despite a successful career in technology, Helena Price found herself emotionally unhappy and creatively unsatisfied — and decided that something needed to change. Sitting on a couch in her apartment, Price made a resolution to find something she enjoyed and start doing it every day. She picked her camera back up and began taking photos again.

Taking the stage at the San Francisco chapter of CreativeMornings, Price speaks on how she went from Silicon Valley techie to freelance photographer, the experience of rekindling her passion for photography, and the revelations she discovered along the way. “When you stop looking at your job to solve all your problems, you’ll stop being disappointed,” shares Price. Watch her talk above to hear her full story.

Portraits by Helena Price

This CreativeMornings/San Francisco event was part of May’s theme of Freedom, presented in part by Shutterstock, with breakfast talks hosted across 80+ CreativeMornings chapters around the world. From Mumbai to Berlin, check out more of the videos from the series here or find a CreativeMornings chapter near you.

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Photos from the CreativeMornings/San Francisco event by Reymundo Perez III

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