Instead of going with a traditional design, take a fresh approach to engaging your customers with a collage that combines images, text, and illustration.

Are you looking for an out-of-the box way to engage your customers? Take a page from popular scrapbooking trends and make a collage. With easy-to-use, high-performance digital editing tools available at your fingertips, you can combine images, backgrounds, typography, and other elements to create a stunning graphic or website that is sure to stand out from your competitors.

Why is it so important to have unique graphics for your website and/or marketing campaigns? The simple answer is that it works. Graphics can convey your message better than text; in fact, one study shows that presentations with visual components are 43% more persuasive than those without. You can make even more of an impact with a unique visual that is memorable and clearly tied to your brand.

Here are 20 ideas for collage-making to inspire you.

1. Create a Typography/Image Juxtaposition

Image via Avinash Jai Singh/Aaron 987/Behance.

These posters for the MTV Youth Marketing Forum intertwine bold typography with a meaningful image related to the text’s message. The graphics also incorporate bright colors with lines and shapes for an overall look that grabs and holds the viewer’s attention.

2. Embrace Elegant Minimalism

Image via Noémie KLEIN/Behance.

Some creative collage ideas go for maximum impact with minimalist designs. Each of these posters for the Royal Opera House uses a combination of abstract shapes and black-and-white illustrations. The result is a sophisticated and cohesive piece that incorporates the major themes of the Opera it advertises.

3. Utilize Overlapping Grids

Screenshot via

The home page for Give it Golden combines rectangular text boxes, photos, textured typography, and a minimalist logo with a twist on the traditional grid design. Each element has its own “box,” but those boxes overlap one another for a unique perspective.

4. Recreate Scrapbook Pages

Image via Marion Dufour/Behance.

Many creative collage ideas have a foundation in scrapbooking. These brochures, posters, and other print marketing materials for the Natural Garden in Paris look like handmade scrapbook pages, combining both black-and-white and color illustrations, textured backgrounds, and handwriting-style text.

5. Combine Bright Colors With Black and White Images

Image via BT Designs/Behance.

These gorgeous posters for the Collage Dance Collective make a strong impact by interspersing neon text and shapes with black-and-white photos of the dancers. The graphics with the photo in the foreground draw the eye to the dancers, whereas the posters with the text overlaid on the image focus on the concert’s theme.

6. Create Movement With a Circular Grid

Image via Lauren Owen/Behance.

The best ideas for collage making help you create designs that attract attention and then focus that attention on your message. This Billabong graphic uses a grid of rectangular images arranged in a circular pattern to encourage the viewer’s eye to move around to each individual image and then focus on the center that holds the company logo.

7. Choose Bright, Abstract Enhancements

Image via Taylor Switzer/Designspiration.

The right mix of colors and shapes over the beautiful image of a runway model makes this Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week advertisement intriguing. The abstract color overlay is transparent in some places to draw attention to the underlying photo and encourage viewers to spend more time studying the entire graphic.

8. Try a Color Overlay

Image via Robert Page/Behance.

When looking for creative collage ideas for your brand, consider using a color overlay. This marketing campaign for the Cutting East Film Festival has several different digital images that overlap each other. However, the color overlays on the images make them appear as separate elements so the overall graphic has a clean appearance rather than feeling busy or cluttered.

9. Include Handwritten Elements

Image via Maan Ali/InspirationDE.

These concert posters combine several unique ideas into a stunning final result. Photos of the venue blend into images of the artists for an interesting effect. The color overlay on the photos creates a perfect background for the high-contrast white typography, and the handwritten style of the text makes the message stand out easily.

10. Make a Statement With Mixed Media

Image vi Leona Amalia/Behance.

These retro Sanuk marketing designs use numerous visual elements to create a unique design that is extremely memorable. The posters combine photographs, textured text boxes, word bubbles, and stickers. The designer also used the actual product (a sandal) to perform a different function in each poster (yoga mat, skateboard, pool float). The composition gives each graphic a three-dimensional look, as if it were a handmade collage with various elements glued on top of one another.

11. Break the Mold With a Shredded Paper Design

Image via Chris Ritter/Designspiration.

If you want to attract viewers with an unforgettable graphic, try manipulating your image as shown in this unique magazine cover. The artist cropped portions of the photo and placed them into various image frames to draw attention to specific elements, including the eyes. The overall effect looks as though the original photo was cut apart and pasted back together. Creative collage ideas like this that significantly distort the image’s initial appearance can be extremely effective for the right brand and message.

12. Organize With a Grid

Image via Chanelle Quezada/Designspiration.

Unlike the overlapping grid discussed earlier, this email advertisement for shoes uses the rigid lines of a grid to organize different product photos for a clean, balanced look. The simple composition of every photo combined with the minimal amount of text allows the viewer to study the unique features and colors of each style.

13. Leverage Your Logo

Image via Mario Mejia/Behance.

When you’re trying to find ideas for collage making, don’t forget to look for inspiration in your company’s logo. This promotional piece for BAYCAT Studio takes the idea of a grid and shifts it to match the diagonal lines of the company’s triangular logo. The graphic also uses three image filters to create a repeating color pattern that makes each individual photo feel like an essential part of a cohesive whole.

14. Combine Small Elements to Form a Larger Image

Image via Necdet Sahin/Behance.

These advertisements for Lucca combine numerous objects to create an overall shape matching the graphic’s text. The elements in the “Fall” poster form a leaf shape, and those in the “Summer” design look like a sunflower. The flat background color makes it easy for the viewer to see the overall image outline right away.

15. Draw Attention With Written Annotations

Screenshot via Alex Ramon Mas/

Take a look at these marketing materials for Chic Place and notice how the artist included several creative elements, such as photos, vintage textures, and overlaid typography. There are also several small annotations in each graphic that look handwritten, with arrows pointing to specific aspects of the graphic. These unique annotations draw attention to different parts of the image and encourage the viewer to spend time studying each one.

16. Focus on Your Call to Action

Image via

In this design, the framing, simple background color, product photos, and symmetrical balance of this image all point the viewer’s focus to the central element: the call to action. The overall look is uncluttered, but still manages to include some specific product images and an easy-to-find shopping link.

17. Combine Image Types

Image via David Calkins/Behance.

This memorable poster for a performance of The Magic Flute combines stunning space images with a cropped photograph of a face. The photo’s odd shape and placement in the moon immediately catches the viewer’s attention. The white flautist silhouette included with the text lends another layer of interest to this collage.

18. Maximize Contrast

Image via Gisela Here/Behance.

High color contrast is the essence of this bold advertisement for Parlour Hair. The deep purple and black background makes the white text and hand-drawn embellishments pop. There is even more contrast in the image elements of the collage because they are a mix of posed fashion photos and candid behind-the-scene shots.

19. Place Your Brand Front and Center

Screenshot via Giulia Maria Ferro/Behance.

This Expedia design uses a bright header and a blurred background photo to frame the most important element of the collage: a laptop showing Expedia’s Twitter page. The illustrated “flat design” elements add a sense of whimsy and fun to the image.

20. Play up the Texture

Image via Philippe Demar/Behance.

Incorporating numerous art styles and graphical elements, this poster for the Miami Ad School makes a strong statement with the bright yellow textured typography that appears to be painted over underlying images. The textured appearance matches the style of the central Uncle Sam painting and contrasts with the surrounding newsprint and technical drawings for a bold overall appeal.

If you’re ready to make your brand stand out, find inspiration for a new website or marketing campaign from these creative collage ideas. You’ll draw in your target audience members with unique images and hold their attention as they study all the elements of the graphic. Try a graphic design tool like Shutterstock Editor to easily add and arrange multiple images, illustrations, and text on a canvas, then add your own branding to fully customize the piece for your marketing efforts. Make the most of the inherent power of visual marketing by incorporating a collage into your promotional materials. We now made it even easier for you to start making collages inside Shutterstock Editor. Use the free collage maker today!

Top Image by singpentinkhappy