What are the secrets to creating great Instagram content? Discover what pro Shutterstock contributors have to share about shooting images for social media.

Creating Instagram content that’s both sharable and visually appealing starts with a great concept. At Shutterstock, we love sharing Instagram-worthy snaps that are a perfect fit for our social channels. And our customers love it too. Customers on Shutterstock scour our marketplace looking for images to tell their stories. They then share those images on Instagram with their own audience.

Here at Shutterstock, we celebrate those Instagram-worthy moments that our contributors around the world capture and share with us. On our @ShutterstockContributors Instagram account, we search your recently uploaded images to find the best, most innovative content to share on our Instagram with our audience. And that’s not all.

How to Create Great Instagram Content (That You Can Also Sell On Stock) — Couple in Europe

Reaching 100,000 followers on Instagram

In exciting news, our Instagram account has just surpassed 100,000 followers. You read it here first. In May 2019, we announced that we hit 50k followers and shared how we grew to that in a year. The answer is in the content. Specifically, the answer is in the incredible content that contributors create and share on Shutterstock. In less than half a year, we doubled that number thanks to the incredible content our creatives continue to share.

Shutterstock Contributors - 100K on Instagram

With that exciting news, we created two collections on Shutterstock and Offset to celebrate the images that we’ve shared on Instagram, created by this incredible community. Here are the links to the collections.

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We wanted to know: what’s the secret to that growth? So we asked the contributors whose content we feature on our Instagram a few questions. How do they go about creating Instagram content that resonates with online audiences? Why do they share content that’s Instagram-worthy?

Here are there tips on creating great Instagram content.

Creating Images That Are Perfect to Share on Instagram

Fokke Baarssen:

There has to be a story in the photo that adds something unique to the masses of content uploaded to Instagram daily. In every image I upload, I create a unique story so that the audience feels the travel adventure or lifestyle that we show in the photo.

How to Create Great Instagram Content (That You Can Also Sell On Stock) — Man in Pool
Image by Fokke Baarssen

Fernando Privitera:

A minimal composition is ideal for sharing on Instagram. Keeping your photos simple will allow the public to appreciate them more, while photos with too much detail can distort the reader’s attention. But my biggest advice is to find your own style and make your profile uniform.

Daniel Nevares:

I have three tips that are key to creating Instagram content. The first is to post in vertical orientation. It fills up more space when viewers see it on their phone, and it’s visually impactful. The second tip is to edit outside of Instagram. The editing tools on your phone aren’t as impactful and can reduce the quality of the image. The final tip I have is to try to include a subject. Images that include a person or animal often receive more engagement on Instagram than images without them.

How to Create Great Instagram Content (That You Can Also Sell On Stock) — Deer in Park
Image by DanielNevares

Fernando Silva:

My love for photography has a lot to do with my grandma. She passed when I was a child and the best way to remember her was looking at her pictures. My top tip is to be at the right place, at the right time. You have to really picture it in your mind. It’s all about before, during, and after the picture.

Why create images that are shareable on Instagram?

Fokke Baarssen:

We would like to tell the stories of our adventures from holiday trips around the world to the ordinary everyday things that my wife and I do in the Netherlands. Instagram is a journey of my life through the years.

Creating Great Instagram Content - Soccer Field by Mountains
Image by Fernando Privitera

Fernando Privitera:

I create images because I love photography. Although my passion for photography started with my family, I started to take photos just five years ago. I’ve always loved photography, but I most love it during my trips. My favorite genre is landscape photography, however, I really love to tell stories through photography sequences.

I believe that the camera is an instrument able to just stop time, fix an unrepeatable moment of our life, make eternal emotions and feelings that we will always bring inside us. My dream is to live by traveling around the world, to tell stories to people, and to let them see cultures of different places.

Daniel Nevares:

It’s simple. My love for nature and the wild.

Celebrating 100k on Instagram - Two Silhouettes in Joshua Treet
Image by Daniel Nevares

Fernando Silva:

Photography is about making moments. Memories and feelings that last forever.

For more inspiration, check out our favorite images that we’ve shared on Instagram from Shutterstock here and Offset here. We can’t wait to see what content you create next that’s a perfect fit for Instagram.

Featured Image by Chrsitian Hartmann

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