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How videos help brands capture and retain customer attention

How Videos Help Brands Capture and Retain Customer Attention

If content is king, then videos are the crown jewel. Here’s how companies can create video content to grow customer attention and audience engagement.

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Video content marketing is such a significant trend that 99 percent of marketers who produced videos in 2017 will continue to scale production through 2018 and beyond. Simply put, this is because video content works. The numbers speak for themselves:

All of these numbers boil down to the fact that people simply love video content. They can’t stop consuming it and they want more versions of it. This unrelenting demand for video content presents a massive opportunity for your marketing team.

Video Captures and Retains Customer Attention

How Videos Help Brands Capture and Retain Customer Attention — A Breakdown of Statistics

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Because of impressive metrics like those listed above, videos are an essential tool to capture customer attention. Videos tell your brand’s story in a far more engaging format than either text or photo content. This allows your brand to become more memorable and engaging in the eyes of your consumers. You can reach more people, capture their interest, and build greater authority for your brand. Fundamentally, videos are shareworthy and subsequently generate more engagement among your consumers.

Even better, video content influences buying decisions. People seek out video content online to make informed purchase decisions. Digestible and easy to process product videos are found to be helpful for 90% of consumers. The video tells the viewer about the product or service capabilities. This educational experience captures customer attention and showcases benefits in creative and compelling ways.

Videos can also skyrocket your conversions. When your landing pages include video content, you can increase conversion rates by 80 percent. Furthermore, this type of content keeps your visitors on your website for longer periods of time, reducing bounce rates and improving SEO.

How to Capture Customer Attention Through an Authentic Brand Story

How Videos Help Brands Capture and Retain Customer Attention — Tell an Authentic Brand Story

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Jaw-dropping stats and impressive benefits mean most brands are jumping on the video bandwagon. But, there are so many businesses using video to capture customer attention and increase brand exposure. Cutting through the noise caused by the hundreds of hours of YouTube video can be a real challenge.

So, how do you build an audience? Better yet, how do you reach your target audience through video?

1) Make relatable content

The underlying fact is that consumers don’t like or trust ads. Potential customer are turned off by generic or promotional ads. However, everybody loves a good story, especially if it’s relatable.

Create video content that illustrates authentic storytelling. You must show people what values your brand stands for and why you matter to their daily lives. In order to find your content relevant, your audience need to be able to relate and identify with it. In order to find the content relatable, more and more consumers want videos customized to their interests.

2) Show your viewers why your brand matters

Videos break down communication channels with more personalized narratives. You can establish a voice and style for your brand that’s relatable and captures customer attention as a one-on-one conversation.

You need to go beyond selling. Instead of focusing your efforts on building a commercial message, give value to your audience. Make the content about their wants and needs. Create useful and entertaining experiences to give your customer something they will care about.

People who watch your videos will benefit from the information you share. As a result, they’re more likely to associate your brand with authority and trustworthiness.

3) Tell a compelling brand story

The content in your video should tell a compelling story. There needs to be real emotion (like anger, fear, surprise, or joy) balanced with drama and suspense to capture and retain customer attention. A simple narrative structure can achieve these goals.

  • Start with a problem. There needs to be an obstacle or something at stake
  • Convince people you relate to their challenge with a supportive narrative
  • Offer a solution. Something has to be done about the problem, and you have the means to do the job
  • Success! Reward the viewer for sticking with you and retain their loyalty with an added incentive

How to Use Metrics from Your Ads to Optimize Video Content

How Videos Help Brands Capture and Retain Customer Attention — The Metrics that Matter

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Video is a fantastic tool for capturing attention and boosting engagement. If you can minimize video production costs you’ll get to see excellent results. But, just putting it out there isn’t enough. You need to optimize your video content to capture customer attention and scale results touted by marketers.

To do this, start looking at metrics generated by your existing video library. Some of the stats to analyze include:

  • Video views: the number of users who watched at least 30 seconds from your video
  • View-through rate (for video ads): the number of views (or engagements) divided by the number of times you’ve shown the ad
  • Play rate: the number of people who watch a video divided by the number of impressions
  • Video clicks: the number of times viewers clicked the video to reach an external destination (like your website)
  • Clickthrough rate (CTR): the number of clicks generated by your video divided by the number of times it’s been viewed or served
  • Average cost-per-view (CPV): the average amount you’ve paid for every view of a video ad

Metrics that measure video performance provide an in-depth analysis of your marketing efforts. These metrics show you what needs improvement to reach better results. Things like the number of clicks and views inform you of the overall audience impression of your video. A good CTR indicates that you’re targeting the right audience with the optimal content to drive effective calls to action.

Tweak your videos to achieve better results and reduce your promotion costs. Once you increase your views and average CPV, you’ll see gradual improvements in all other metrics.

Use Data on Customer Attention to Further Optimize Videos

How Videos Help Brands Capture and Retain Customer Attention — Keep Optimizing Your Videos

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You need to collect data on your existing videos. Use the numbers to optimize your video one element at a time and determine what’s working or not. Conduct thorough A/B testing to find the right combination of ingredients that satisfy your target audience and best capture customer attention. Consider trying things like changing up your CTA text, positioning your CTA sooner in your video, tweaking your target audience, or adjusting the video length.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to improve and optimize your video content. But, it can still be done. You just need to take the time and resources to analyze your performance.

Video content is killing it when it comes to capturing and retaining customer attention. The top marketers have figured out how to balance information, emotions, and budget to tell an authentic brand story. They’ve learned how to make something that resonates with audiences through tested and optimized video content.

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